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Siblings for Ivor

Alice, Daisy, Flora, Hazel, Juliet, Kate, Lilian, Lotte, Lucia, Mattea, Polly & Thea.

August, Beck, Bede, Barnaby, Dashiell, Elliot, Elijah, Fergus, Felix, Frank, Gregor, Gus, Harper, Hugh, Jasper, Lucian, Marley, Quentin, Rufus, Remy & Toby.

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Name for today- April 24th


Harper is a boys name. (and a girls too)

Harper comes from the Old English hearpe which means harp.

A Harp is a musical instrument that is played especially in Ireland.

Harper Lee wrote “To kill a mockingbird.”

Ben Harper- American Musician.

Variants/Nicknames: Harpar.

Comments on Harper:

I recently heard of little girls named Harper. With all the pretty, feminine names out there, why would you name your daughter Harper? It sounds manly to me. Sorry to people with daughters named Harper.

— pink_floyd_fan 7/23/2006

I love To Kill a Mockingbird, possibly one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century but the name Harper is a little harsh. Her real name is Nell Harper Lee. Harper is also the name of one of the main characters from Angels in America by Tony Kushner. I say give the child whatever name you like and just nickname her Scout.

— AYN353 9/15/2006

So much nicer for a boy than a girl I think.

— Anonymous User  11/12/2006


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.

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Christchurch Press Births- May


Olivia Mary- Caleb & Jacob

Gretel Kate- Lily

Isabella Eva Jean- Felicity

Ruby Rose- Lucy & Millie

Sonnie Aaronita

Arna- Bayley

Phoebe Annabel- Harry

Juliet Rose- Aidan

Anouk Elisabeth- Xavier

Cameron Grace- Riley

Eliana Rose- Samantha & Maddison

Erikah Rose- Jorgiana & Alexandra

Madden Belle

Harper Rose- Tayla

Rose Aislinn Eliza

Henrietta (Etta) – Isolde

Bianca Kate

Gianna Lily- Maia

Claudia Elizabeth- Milly

Esmae Olive

Sophie Arizona

Alia Lyn- Eli & India-Grace

Lulu- Jess & Grace Ann

Lilly Bernadette- Clare & Tom

Lexi Kathleen- Blake, Ashley & Cadence

Melanie Xanthe- Jemma & Ben

Lily-Belle Rose

Phoebe Molly Isla

Kate Isabelle- Phoebe

Harriet- Gulliver & Fletcher (twins)

Aspen Mackenzie


Harry David & Charlie William

Cole James- Grace

Harrison Joseph Justin- Lily & Phoebe

Bryn James- Zoe & Ava

Will Scott- Meg & Grace

Ethan Francis- Mia & Ruby

Edward Nico- Holly

Dominic- Chelsea & Caitlin

Adam Charles- Matthew

Benjamin Herbert- Madeleine

Xavier Albert- Alex

Isaac Darcy- Greta

Louis Bernard- Annie

Kacey Mitchell- Neva & Kaden

Walter Alfred

Charlie James & Oliver Jackson- Toby, Liam & Tara

Xander Liam- Rohann

Henry James Miles

Leo William Xavier- Lachlan


Tom Robin- Faye

Nixon James- Bruno

Oscar Henry- Poppy & Quinn

Quinn Francis- Gemma & Phoebe

Leo Brent- Hannah & Phoebe

Quintin Robert

Bentley Keaton- Cohen

I am intrigued by the number of Phoebe’s! six seems like a lot.

New Zealand

#68 in 2009

#62 in 2008

#98 in 2007

#59 in 2006

#65 in 2005

#45 in 2004

#56 in 2003

#53 in 2002

#65 in 2001

#71 in 2000

#65 in 1999

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Christchurch Press March Births


Connor Lucas (Jacob)

Tom Arnold (Mackinnon)

Jasper Alexander (Oliviah)

George Gordon (Charlie)

Ned William (Charlie)

Freddy John (Archie)

Leroy Jamie

Tenari Patrick (Michael, Jonnie)

Matthew Francis (James)

Theo Malcolm

Jethro Thomas (Kahu)

Hector John

Jordae Wiremu

Arlo Alexander- Jake

Cash Alec

Tai William (Treya, Telson)

Baxter Simon

Tihema Cooper Tirikatene

Malachy Joel Ryan (Senan)

Zefferino Mark (Katie)


Addison Paige (Morgan g)

Harper Ruby

Liliana Christine (Flynn)

Violet Babara (Jake)

Brodie Cailin (Jade)



Milla Ann

Matilda Felica Mary (Poppy & Thea)

Briar Iris (Abby)

Phoebe Meg (Sophie)

Ruby Rose (Jessica, Emily, Isabel)

Tatum Paige

Pippa Jane (Brooke)

Violet Ruby (Stella)

Fleur Jessie (Oliver)

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February 24th Welcome to the world- Timaru

Portia Alice

Millie Jayne

Xavier Norman

Harper Morgan Ian (Molly, Riley, Alex & Ruby)

Mia Rose

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Last night on Grey’s Anatomy there was an award mentioned, Harper Avery I really like this for a boy. What do you think?

Also Derek has been with Rose and I have really started to love Rose for its simplicity, romantic and oldish feel. What do you think of plain Rose?

In the novel I am reading the Mother is Nuala I really like this, the main character is Millie, her sister is Oona but several times they have written Orla when they meant Oona!

Which do you prefer Nuala, Oona or Orla?

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