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Henry August

Harry Bertram

Francis Luke

Frank Lewis

Harvey Patrick

Edmund Vaughn

William Cowan (1896)

Frank Vincent

Thomas Henry

Edward Florian

Thomas Fisher

James Edwin

Thomas Noah

Jabez William

Charles August

Christian Theodore Julius

Daniel Graham

Fabian Cosmos Dominc



Inez Maud

Lillian Esther Louisa

Eleanor Marguerita Florence

Olive Martha

Alice Amy

Eva Eleanor


Evelyn Alice Wilhelmina

Adeline Eliza Ann

Clytie Olive Mildred

Frances Maude Violet

Dorothy Hazel

Lillia Ann (1898)

Noni Margaret

Ruby Beatrice Ruth

Ruby Maud

Eva Pearl

Norah Lilly

Thurza Jane

Harriette Lillian

Urana Lucy

Joan Madeline

Neroli Blythe

Thea Naumai Louise

Amelia Ada

Helen Cornelia

Anne Honey

Emlie Evangeline Mary

Dora Eveline

Ellen Clara

Winifred Lucy

Alice Adelaide

Veda Vivienne

Ida Alice

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NZ Herald births


Dashiell Edward

Alexei Tom- Xavier

Cale Jarrett

Cadell James- Miller & Teyani

Alastair James- Felicity

Florian Alexander

Sebastian Robert- Elouise & Andrew

Jimmy Stephenson

Felix James

Alexander Henry Bede


Philadelphia Sidney

Elsie Isobel- Toby

Bijou Mary- Oscar

Lenni Pearl Eden

Stevie Jean

Payton Taylah

Adrianna Maree

Cinammon Daisy- Scarlett

Kalo Audrey

Greta Rose


Harper Elizabeth & Xavier Rowan

Joel Matthew & Gabrielle Mary- Luka

Taylor May & Jack Philip

* I wish people would give their girls pretty feminine names

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Name for today- April 19th


Florian is a boys name.

It is said FLOH-ree-ehn or FLAWR-yahn.

It is derived from the Roman name Florianus or Latin/Slavic and means flower.

Florus and Laurus were Greek stonemasons who were converted and martyred.

Flower names for boys: Crisanto, Fiorello, Florent, Florian, Gentian, Hyacinthe, Nalin and Plantagenet.

Popularity Baby Name Wizard:

#4 in Austria   #30 in Germany  #84 in Belgium

Variants/Nicknames: Fiorello, Florence, Florentio, Florents, Florenz, Flory, Florien, Florrian, Floryan.

Comments on Florian:

A very lovely name. It expresses intelligence. Its short form in Germany is “Flo”, which sounds like a cheedy boy – I like that.

— Evaria 8/8/2005

Masculine and beautiful at once. I like that there is a floral name for a male.

— vomiting 6/12/2009


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.

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