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Name for 16th January-Fabian

German, Dutch & Polish: From the Roman cognomen Fabianus, which was derived from FABIUSSaint Fabian was a 3rd-century pope. (– Below

Ancient name of saint and pope best known via a 1960s rocker. Definite cool potential today.

Nicknames & Variations:
Fabion, Fabyen, Fabert, Faybion, Fabe, Fabio, Fabius, Fabek, Faybien, Faber, Fabiano, Fabianus, Fabien, Faebien, Faebian, Fabianno, Fabyan, Faybian, Faybionn, Fabiyus, Fabe, Fabeon, Fabion, Fabius, Faebian, Faebien, Fabyan, Fabyen, Faybian, Faybien, Faybion, Faybionn

International Variations:
FabertFabien (French) Faber (German) FabianoFabio (Italian)Fabius (Latvian) Fabius (Lithuanian) Fabek (Polish) Fabiá (Portuguese)FabiFabiyan (Russian) FabiánFabio (Spanish)

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  • #288 in United States

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