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Give your son a cowboy inspired name

Currently in the NZ top 100

Lincoln, Ryder, Cooper, Jackson, Hunter and Levi.

Grayson & Hudson (new in 2014)


Hot to be imported from the USA

Colton, Parker, Carson, Nolan and Easton


Or step back into the ranch

Audie Murphy

Gene Autry

George Houston

Johnny Mack Brown

Lane Chandler

Leo Carrillo

Tex Ritier



Nevada, Dallas, Winslow and Weston.


Other names with that cowboy kind of feel

Emmett,Jed, Jethro,Wilder and Wyatt.



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Could appeal to NZ parents


Ada, Polly, Tilly, Maisy, Esme, Eulie, Nellie, Elsa, Flora & Lulu

Claudia, Elena, Amalie, Inez, Elin, Mahalia, Anouk, Lotte & Liv

Claire, Lola, Cara, Lana, Tess, Romy, Yara, Vera & Thea

Calla, Astra. Cora, Daisy, Nova, Iris, Fleur & Luna

Gaia, Hera, Freya, Evanthe, Clio & Isis

Ainsley, Bridie, Caja, Keela, Mabyn, Orla & Yula.



Freddie, Bertie, Billy, Eddie, Percy, Alfie, Monty, Ernie, Herbie, Iggy & Jimmy

Gus, Bram, Leo, Ned, Theo, Mac, Joe, Tom, Will, Russ, Rex, Abe, Bart, Ike, Nate,

Russ, Pip, Kit, Len, Zeke, Jem, Jock, Sid, Bob, Rafe & Pete

Vann, Emmett, Marco, Leon, Heath, Cole, Frank & Vincent

Dexter, Baxter, Axel, Pax, Lex, Jax, Lennox, Lynx, Maddox & Xander

Dashiell, Jasper, Rupert, Barnaby, Milo, Arlo, Bruno, Anders, Ambrose,

Beckett, Caspar & Chester

Cormac, Nolan, Lorcan & Quinlan

Jonah, Jedidiah, Zedekiah, Solomon, Ezra, Micah & Isaiah.


REFERENCES: The celtic baby names book- Gillian Delaforce

Top 100, 2009 Sweden, Norway & The Netherlands.

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Nola Beatrice Poppy

Nola Helen Evangeline

Nola Ruby Millicent

Nola Rosemary Ellen

Nola Alice Cecile

Nola Violet Honey

Nola Bridget Jane

Nola Ruby Joyce

Nola Bethany Clare

Nola Winifred Poppy

Nola Lily June

Nola Maple Jane

Nola Madeline Claire

Nola Ysabel Saffron

Nola Alice Pearl

Nola Virgina Alice

Nola Frances Pomeline

Nola Penelope Kaye/Kate

Nola Penelope Alice


Audrey, Briony, Eloise, Grace, Gwen, Iris, Juliet, Kate, Lillian, Lucy, Olive, Poppy, Penelope, Phoebe, Rose, Scarlett.

Barnaby, Digby, Elliot, Emmett, Fergus, Frank, Henry, Hugo, Isaac, Jack, Killian, Lewis, Lorcan, Milo, Marcellus, Maxwell, Owen, Percy, Penn, Quinlan, Rufus, Rupert, Reuben, Rhys, Rafferty, Toby, Will, Walter.

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Ivy Cornelia Jane

Ivy Beatrix Alice

Ivy Frances Amelia

Ivy Helene

Ivy Elisabeth

Ivy Guinevere

Ivy Juliet Anne

Ivy Lucinda

Ivy Katherine

Ivy Margaret Alice

Ivy Frances Jewel

Ivy Cordelia Pearl

Ivy Tallulah Jane

Ivy Winifred

Ivy Helen Maude

Ivy Adeline Jane

Ivy Francesca Alice

Ivy Cerdiwen

Ivy Leonora Jane

Ivy Juniper Pearl

Ivy Anna Margaret

Possible Sibling names

Ambrose, Arthur, Benjamin, Baxter, Banjo, Bede, Chester, Caius, Cedar, Dashiell, Digby, Emmett, Fergus, Felix, Frank, George, Hugo, Julian, Jasper, Jude, James, Leo, Miles, Maxton, Pierce, Rufus, Samson, Steven, Theodore, Tennyson, West.

Alice, Aurelia, Adeline Amabel, Ada, Branwen, Cora, Dora, Isobel, Eleanor, Fern, Grace. Gweneira. Henriette, Hyacinth, Klara, Louisa,Lavender,  Nina, Saffron, Tabitha, Ursula, Willa, Xanthe.

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Name for 11th February- Thatcher


Gender: M
Origin: English occupational name
Meaning: “roof thatcher”

Open and friendly freckle-faced surname, fresher sounding than Tyleror Taylor.

Nicknames & Variations:
Thaxter, Thacher, Thatch

Amelia Beau Brenda ColinCooper Cora Devin DonElaine Emmett Eric EvelynEverett Granger JacksonLessa Lindy Lola NathanielParker Payton PenelopeSawyer Thor Watson

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Name for 1st February- Milo Germanic form of MILES, as well as the Latinized form. This form of the name was used in official documents during the Middle Ages, and it has been used independently since the 19th century. -Origin of the name Milo:Of Germanic origin, Milo is of uncertain derivation. It might be derived from the German mild (mild, peaceful, calm), which is from the Old German root milan (to mill, beat, crush, or rub until fine or tender). Alternatively, it might be from the Old Slavonic root milu (merciful). From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Known siblings (

Adrian Ari Asia August BeauEmmett Enzo Esme IsaacJack Jonas Leon Lucy MaxNoah Oliver Olivia Oscar SamSamuel Simone Sophie TessaViolet Zel

Global Popularity (
of the Name Milo
#87 in Sweden
#222 in Scotland
#323 in Canada (British Columbia)
#449 in United States highly recommended author favorite; with its German, Greek and jaunty British input, Milo combines the strength of the ancient Greek Olympic wrestler, with the debonair charm of a WW II RAF pilot. RickiLakeCamryn Manheim and Liv Tyler are three celebrity moms who share our enthusiasm.

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Siblings for Jessamine

Aurelia, Audrey, Beatrix, Cassia, Cordelia, Dulcia, Eulalia, Freya, Holly,  India, Imogen, Isadora, Imala, Inez, Kezia,  Lucretia, Mabel, Novella, Orla, Olive, Olympia, Poppy, Penelope, Polly, Phoebe, Rhea, Saffron, Saskia, Tatiana, Tuscany, Tallulah, Thora, Thea, Vivienne, Vienna, Vera, Willa, Wren, Willona, Zora, Ziva, Azura, Aviva.

Ambrose, Arthur, Barnaby, Baxter, Cole, Dexter, Emmett, Emilian, Felix, Gulliver, Harvey, Ivor, Jasper, Lucian, Lysander, Malachi, Moss, Oakley, Orlando, Perrin, Rowan, Rain, River, Sommett, Tybalt, Troy, Thor, Thorn, Tychius, Vincent, Wilbur.

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