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Name for 9th January- Elliot

English: From a surname which was a variant of ELLIOTT. (

Gender: M, Origin: Anglicization of ELIJAH or ELIAS Meaning: “the Lord is my God” Nicknames & Variations:
Elyott, Eliut, Elyot, Eliott, EliotElliot (

Global Popularity (
#34 in Sweden
#36 in Canada (Quebec)
#89 in England
#160 in Scotland
#182 in Norway
#208 in Canada (British Columbia)
#318 in Canada (Alberta)
#332 in United States

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Bonds baby search

Images taken from site- funny how seeing children with the name makes you think hmm actually I do like that 🙂 especially with some older names.



Tulip Grace

Tulip Grace

Triplets- Lachlan, Harvey & Oliver.

Boys- Keidis, Jordan, Isaac, Tyson, Marley, Eamon, Elliott, Beau Regan, Macca, Jakoby, Zidane, Cruz-antonio, Jasper, Benny, Jay, Baxter James, Dash, Rorey, Dante, Lewis, Preston, Xavion, Jonah, Cullen, Eden Dominic, Jamerson, Victor, Clay, Dar-Rel, Talon, Roman, Julian, Ronan, Rowan, Kaneel, Theodore, Edward, Noa Diesel, Lucian, Oscar, River, Milo Michael, Angus, Kenny, Heath, Dominic, Benji, Suad, Klay, Albion, Truce, Rebel, Maximus, Stephen, Alfonso.

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