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Name for today-15th April


Dorian is a boys name.

Dorian comes from the Greek word “doron” which means gift.

The picture of Dorian Gray is where the name originated it is written by Oscar Wilde.

Doris is one of the four main tribes of ancient Greece.

Popularity Baby Name Wizard.

  • #442 in United States
  • #498 in Canada (Quebec)

Variants/Nicknames: Doran, Dore, Dorey, Doron, Dory.

Comments on Dorian:

I, personally, think Dorian is a brilliant name. I’ve loved it since reading Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde about five years ago. It was a brilliant book and I fell in love with the name. It’s uncommon without being too “out there”, it’s strong, masculine and I nearly always love literature names. 10/10.

Dorian is a wonderful name in my opinion. It is rich in Ancient history. It also has a wonderful sound to it as well. This is a favorite of mine.

— EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs 4/24/2007


The Best Baby Name Book by Louise Nicholson.

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Christchurch Press today

Was half price being Paknsave’s Cheap as Tuesday.


Freddy a brother for Lily


Bruce Douglas

Alexander Robert

Stanley Joseph



James Ritchie

Leo Ward

John James Patrick

Paul Frank

Charles Robert

Gordon Francis

Trent Cody


Noel Joseph



Janet Ida

Hilda May

Margaret May

Margaret Joyce

Joyce Lillian

Patricia Irene


Winifred Jean


Patricia Maud

Joy Myrtle

Yvonne Margaret

Dora Winifred

Mary Evelyn

Hazel Isobel Florence

Doris Margaret





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Old fashioned names

Newton Calvert, Alastair George, William Valentine, James Leo, Wilfred Trevor, Sydney Randall, William Sidney, Basil.

Coral Rae, Martha Elizabeth, Thelma Evelyn Lucy, Delia Barbara, Dorothy Evelyn, Phillis Hilda, Francis Jane, Sadie Alia, Doris Kate, Ada Jane, Lily Maud, Alice Isabella, Rosemary Ann, Noeline Alice, Olive, Ida, Adah Elsie, Chantelle Roselene Margaret, Myrtle Alice, Viola.

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