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Name for 4th of January-Denver

English: From an English surname which was from a place name meaning “Dane ford” in Old English. This is the name of the capital city of Colorado, which was named for the politician James W. Denver (1817-1892). (

Place-name, Green-Valley, Western place-name, oddly most popular in the 1920s; Aspen is a more fashionable Colorado choice. (

Baby Name Wizard

Popularity: Rare

Style: Country & Western, Place Names

Sisters: Marietta, Roma, Shelby, Delta, Aspen

Brothers: Hardy, Thurman, Walton, Dallas, Miller.

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Emerson sibset

What would you name a sister to Emerson?

Some ideas for a Brother I had were; Dexter, Fergus, Felix, Maxwell, Orlando, Joel, Benji, Dashiell & Denver.

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Naming Baby- Penguin books. The boys.

I  like these and the ones with a (C) hubby okayed 🙂

Ambrose, Apollo, Arnold, Arthur,

Barnaby (C), Bartholomew, Baxter (C), Bede, Benedict, Bruno,


Dante (C), Denver, Dexter(C),

Edward,Elias (C), Elliot (C), Emerson (C), Emmett(C), Evan (C), Evander, Ezra (C),

Ferdinand, Felix (C), Fergus (C), Finlan, Fletcher,


Harvey, Heath (C), Henry, Homer,


Jasper(C), Jethro, Joel, Jonah, Jude, Julian (C),

Keanu, Keaton,

Leo, Luther,

Marley, Mateo, Meyer, Milo,

Noah(C), Noam,

Oakley, Orlan(C), Orlando(C), Oscar (C), Otto (C),


Roan,Rowan (C), Rufus, Rupert (C),

Samson, Saul, Sean, Solomon,

Tennyson(C), Theodore (C),

Vaughn, Vann,


Xanthus, Xenos,

Zakai, Zebediah (C), Zed, Zenos, Zeus.

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