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Maeve vs Sienna/ Oakley vs John. NZ top baby names 2020

Isla takes the lead for the first time in 2020 while Oliver retains his lead for the eight year running.


Top Ten

Lily (+11) to #8 and Ella (+2) to #10.

Mila (-5) to #13 and Ruby (-15) to #18.


Biggest rises

Maeve (NEW) + 36

Stella (+28)

Margot (NEW) +24

Florence, Olive & Quinn (+21)

Harlow (+20)

Harriet (+19)

Aurora (+18)

Billie (+17)


Biggest falls

Sienna (-36)

Aaliyah (-30)

Imogen (-26)

Abigail (-24)

Hannah (-21)

Nina (-20)

Piper, Jasmine and Maisie (-19)

Emma (-18)

Phoebe (-16)


SAME placing

Olivia #4 and Esther #95



Maeve, Margot, Rosie, Delilah & Iris

Molly 2017

Paige, Eliza, Isabel, Maya & Athena 2018



Sarah, Marley, Victoria, Peyton, Anna,

Lola, Jessica, Nina, Cora, Imogen and Aaliyah.




Top ten

James (-5) to #13

Hunter (+2) to #10


Biggest risers

Oakley (+29)

Nikau (+24)

Louis & Quinn (+23)

River & Luka (+22)

Bodhi (+21)

Flynn (+20)

Jordan (+18)

Jasper & David (+16)


Biggest falls

John (-39)

Jaxon & Matthew (-31)

Ashton (-19)

Jackson & Wyatt (-18)

Isaac (-15)

Logan & Joseph (-14)



Oliver #1

Lucas #5

George #6

Theodore #15

Harrison #33

Riley #53

Blake #55

Micah #91



Oakley, River, Manaia & Ari


Quinn, Kingston & Patrick 2018

Spencer 2017



Leon, Elliot, Gabriel, Reuben,

Phoenix, Isaiah, Wyatt & Tyler.

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Thinking about middles…

Here is what my ponderings.

Alice Isabella Alice, Libby Alice, Phoebe Alice, Lola Alice, Juliet Alice.

Audrey- Isla Audrey, Hannah Audrey, Madison Audrey.

Ada- Ruby Ada, Scarlett Ada, Bailey Ada, Willow Ada.

Briony- Ella Briony, Mia Briony, Esther Briony, Lucia Briony, Grace Briony.

Betty- Matilda Betty, Laura Betty, Iris Betty, Ella Betty.

Bay- Amelia Bay, Stella Bay, Natalie Bay, Cassandra Bay.

Clara- Sophie Clara, Lily Clara, Evelyn Clara, Phoebe Clara.

Cora- Lucy Cora, Evelyn Cora, Rachel Cora.

Coco- Stella Coco, Bella Coco, Anna Coco.

Cleo- Emily Cleo, Brooke Cleo, Esther Cleo, Ella Cleo.

Dot- Gabriella Dot, Eliza Dot.

Daphne- Ella Daphne, Kate Daphne, Lola Daphne.

Dixie- Eva Dixie, Stella Dixie.

Eula– Grace Eula, Violet Eula.

Elsa- Kate Elsa, Lauren Elsa, Amy Elsa.

Eloise- Ruby Eloise, Rebecca Eloise, Willow Eloise.

Faye- Olivia Faye, Holly Faye, Bella Faye, Penelope Faye.

Fern- Harriet Fern, Bella Fern, Lucia Fern.

Greta- Emily Greta, Evelyn Greta, Ella Greta.

Hazel- Lucy Hazel, Ava Hazel, Una Hazel, Caitlin Hazel.

Honor- Amelia Honor, Violet Honor.

Inez- Sophie Inez, Lauren Inez, Lucia Inez, Courtney Inez.

June- Charlotte June, Phoebe June, Amber June.

Kitty- Annabel Kitty, Delilah Kitty.

Lula- Elizabeth Lula, Phoebe Lula, Penelope Lula.

Maisie- Annabel Maisie, Brianna Maisie, Ella Maisie.

Molly- Charlotte Molly, Caitlin Molly.

Nell- Emily Nell, Phoebe Nell.

Nola- Lucy Nola, Caitlin Nola, Amy Nola, Courtney Nola.

Opal- Lucy Opal, Margaret Opal.

Pip- Emily Pip, Samantha Pip.

Polly- Ella Polly, Jasmine Polly, Mikayla Polly.

Sylvie- Eva Sylvie, Anna Sylvie.

Thea- Lily Thea, Willow Thea.

Una- Kate Una, Claire Una.

Willa- Harriet Willa, Phoebe Willa.

Zara- Emily Zara, Jasmine Zara, Amy Zara.

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Taranaki District Health Board Births Dec-March 10

Kahlo George T e Ao

Ryder Ray

Cortez Lucas

Maxwell Peyton

Blake Zyan

Ezra John & Sarah Grace Ann


Paige Cecile

Kaia Anahera

Elodie Sydney

Delilah Lisa

Tiana Lee Hinetaua

Hannah Wilhelmine

Quinelle Lily-Kate

Kypreece Page

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Name for 9th February-Samson

From the Hebrew name שִׁמְשׁוֹן (Shimshon) which probably meant “sun”. Samson was an Old Testament hero of exceptional strength. His uncut hair was the source of his power, but his mistress Delilah betrayed him and cut it. Thus he was captured by the Philistines, blinded, and brought to their temple. However, in a final act of strength, he pulled down the pillars of the temple upon himself and his captors. (

As an English name, Samson was common during the Middle Ages, having been introduced by the Normans. This was due to the Welsh bishop SaintSamson, who founded monasteries in Brittany and Normandy in the 6th century. In his case, the name may have been a translation of his true Celtic name. (

Nicknames & Variations:
Sampson, Sansom, Sanson

International Variations:
Samsó (Basque) Samzun (Breton) Sansone (Italian) Sansao(Portuguese) Sansón (Spanish) Simson (Swedish

Global Popularity
of the Name Samson
#353 in Norway
#948 in United States


Image from wikipedia.

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Mother & Baby August 2008

Annabel & Jacob

Benjamin & Alfie

Holly & Katie

Betty, Hebe & Felix

Ariana & Eva

Evie & Sophie (t) + Alice & Amelia

Melissa & Angelina

Maisie, Tyler, Evie & Jack

Sam & Cooper

Melissa & Caitlin

Kai & Aeryn

Cerys & Ioan

Serian & Samuel (t)

George & Joe

Hope, Tru & Delilah

Ioanna & Rafaela

Abbie & Amelia

Hannah & Isobel (t) + Eloise & Jacob

Kelly, Luke & Ryan

Martha & Ruby

Kyle, Maia & Darach

Alisha, Willow, Tillie, Bernadette, Freddie & Harvey

Harvey & Ruby

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Tweak that name- Nameberry- Mine.

NZ top 100

Ruby- Reubana
Olivia- Olympia
Isabella- Arabella
Ella- Adela
Emily- Elke
Charlotte- Scarlett
Amelia- Accalia

Oliver- Gulliver
James- Jago
Joshua- Josiah
William- Willoughby
Samuel- Samson
Liam- Ephraim
Benjamin- Bennett
Daniel- Miguel
Thomas- Thaddeus

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Book- Walter was worried by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Names of characters are;

Walter, Priscilla, Shirley, Frederick, Ursula, Delilah, Henry, Elliot.

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Name for 17th November- Delilah (Delilah was also June 2 oops)

Biblical, Hebrew Biblical, English: Means “delicate, weak, languishing” in Hebrew. In the Old Testament she was the lover of Samson, whom she betrayed to the Philistines by cutting his hair, which was the source of his power. Despite her character flaws, the name began to be used by the Puritans in the 17th century. It has been used occasionally in the English-speaking world since that time. (

Baby Name Wizard

  • #193 in United States
  • #289 in Canada (British Columbia)

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2 new babies born I know their names



Both slightly uncommon and pretty 🙂

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Esme middles (Combos)

Esme Ruby Katherine

Esme Poppy Jane

Esme Willow Belle

Esme Beatrice, Esme Cordelia, Esme Felicienne, Esme Elisabeth,

Esme Juliet, Esme Linnea, Esme Mirabel, Esme Mereid, Esme Nuala,

Esme Flora Jane

Esme Rosabel

Esme Margaret Alice

Esme Tallulah Kate

Esme Delilah Ruby

Esme Theophania

Esme Viola, Esme Willamina, Esme Ysabelle, Esme Ailis,

Esme Winifred Lucy

Esme Minerva, Esme Magnolia, Esme Seraphina, Esme Amabel,

Esme Clara Jane

Esme Lavender,

Esme Isabella Mary

Esme Lily Frances

Esme Violet Penelope

Esme Pandora Jane

Esme Beatrix Lucy

Esme Anna Margaret

Esme Ruby Octavia

Thoughts? Suggestions? 🙂 Thanks

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