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The Herald Births March- April


Lance Edward

Montgomery Edward- Jack & Billy

Kiefer Chase

Coby Harper

Roman Henry- Stella

Finn Dean- Cade & Diaz

Teo Robert

Cormac Macdonald- Conor

Cooper Graham- Hunter & Fletcher

Saxon Cole- Quinn

Max Oscar- Conall & Joseph



Samika Joan- Alex & Purnima

Amelia Olive Margaret- Sophie

Keeley Devon- Briar & Ellis

Petra Iva- Dora

Anya Mae- Mila

Nina Joy

Violet Ada Jean

Harriet Eva- Scarlett

Mirella Violante- Rosaria & Carlo

Lucinda Violet-Emmy & Jemima

Lyla Anne- Harley

Demi Sela- Jamie & Taylor

Quinn Danielle- Emma

Peyton Jaqlyn

Shiloh Naava Rangimarie- Kris, Jesse, Ben, Sam, Adam, Isaiah, Judah, Noah & Chloe

Coco Matisse- Sebastian



Charlie Fergal & Alice Caoimhe

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Middle names for Orlando

Orlando Frederick John

Orlando Henry Francis

Orlando Robin/Henry Robin

Orlando James Walter

Orlando Toby Rhys

Orlando Jacob Blake

Orlando Samuel Finn

Orlando Louis

Orlando Steven John

Orlando Emerson Conor

Orlando Toby Jem

Orlando Henry Gus

Orlando Lucas Paul

Orlando Henry Morgan

Orlando Benjamin Rhys

Orlando Percy Will

Do you like any? Any suggestions gladly accepted 🙂

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Name for today-April 9


Conan is a boys name.

It is said KOH-nin.

It’s Irish meaning is high or small hound/wolf and its meaning in Middle English is to learn.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes.

Variants/Nicknames:Konan, Con, Conant, Conn, Conney, Connie, Connor, Conor, Kinan.

Comments on Conan:

As of right now, this seems to be one of the only names my husband and I can agree on. We both rather like it. It’s not my favorite name, but it’s definitely grown on me and I’d love to use it sometime if we have another son. The “barbarian” and “O’Brien” references do not bother us at all.

The only problem I’ve encountered with this name is that no one else seems to be ‘head over heels’ for it. When asking around about the name pretty much all the responses were “I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it.” I think it’s a name that doesn’t jump out at you, but will grow on you in time.

— NiamhWitch 11/17/2007


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.

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The best baby names of the world- J.M Congemi


Demos, Theseus

Demetra, Ebelina, Ele, Kalliope.


Arlen, Conor, Fergus, Lorcan, Moss, Oscar.

Ailis, Bedelia, Bridget, Cordelia, Eilis, Emer,

Ethne, Finola, Ide, Keara, Maeve, Meara,

Molly, Neila, Nia, Nerina, Nora, Nuala,

Oibhe, Orla, Piala, Sorcha, Tullia.


Attilio, Bruno, Emilio, Pio, Tito, Tullio, Vito.

Eleanora Filomena, Lucia, Lucrezia, Oriana,

Paola, Valentina.

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St George Maternity, ChCh mail July 29, 2009

Shane, Jeyda (Paris, Cameron), Conor (Rory),

Amelia (August, Blair), Susie (Seyn),

Qui (Cheng Bin, Jun Yi), Ruby (Lily),

Emily (Joe, Tilly & Sam)

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