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The Herald- June Births


Gus Austin- Freddie

Rico Shannon- Luca

Jeremiah Nigel Abraham (baby no.6)

Antonio Josip- Ivan & Marko

Will Frank

Shepard William Salvador- Annabelle

Kase James- Eiren & Nathan

Sebastian Ed Dacey- Fred, Charlie & Christian

Jodeci Peter- Karissa, Solomon, Trinity & Angel

Theo James Nathan- Jack & Liam



Willa Ellen- Miro & Luther

Eleanor Iris Catherine- Connor

Zara Janette- Stella

Anouk Juliette Bridie Soh Kiau

Estella Mae Ione

Charlize Rose- Briar, Courtney & Mackenzie

Greta Florence Merrin

Violet Kate- Declan & Ryan


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Name for today- Juniper

Origin of the name Juniper:

Taken from the name of a small evergreen shrub bearing berries used in flavoring gin.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman

Babynamewizard siblings-Aiden Beatrix Briony Burdock Calantha Cecilia Charlize Daveney Gram Hazel Ivy Jasper Jennipher Jewely Josephine Laurel Lilyana Maggie Marlee Medora Oliver Pippa Romilly Tiger Timothy

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