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Help hubby doesn’t like number 1 boys name!

Hubby has told me 5weeks out he doesnt love our top boys choice or any on the shortlist! Maybe we are having a girl 🙂

So throw all your quirky boys suggestions at me!

Discarded: Beckett, Heath, Bennett, Cedric, Emmett, Lewis & Emerson.

Used: Milo & Bede (Cat & Car)

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Name for today- April 6th

By ilaronBy ilaron.


Cedro is a boys name.

It is said said row.

Cedro is a variant of Cedric and is also an Italian variant of Isidore.

It is Spanish and is derived from the Greek word “kedros” which means cedar juniper.

Cedro is a town in Brazil.


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.

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Evie, Amelia & Ruby

Edwin & Lewis

Cedric, Oscar & Zoe

Poppy & Olive

Emilio & Paolo

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children between 0-2 real life

Stevie, Tom, Walter, Max, Joe, Cedric, Emilio.

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