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Name for today- Cassian

The boy’s name Cassian \c(a)-ssian\ is pronounced KASH-en. It is of Latin origin. From clan name Cassianus, an elaboration of Cassius. Name of several early saints.

A baby name that sounds like Cassian is Ghassan. Other similar baby names are Caspian, Carsan, Cassidy, Cassiel, Cassio, Hassan and Ossian. (

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Gabriel Combo’s

Gabriel Edward Darcy

Gabriel Aurelien Francis

Gabriel Benjamin John

Gabriel Beckett Ezra

Gabriel Baxter Cole

Gabriel Cassiel James

Gabriel Everett Jude

Gabriel Julius Rowan

Gabriel Steven Henry

Gabriel Valentine

Gabriel West

Gabriel Ambrose

thoughts? Any suggestions or changes? Thanks 🙂

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Phineas Benjamin Jude

Phineas Cedar Paul

Phineas Ivor James

Phineas Evander John

Phineas Asher Barnaby

Phineas Banjo

Phineas Cassiel

Phineas Noah

Phineas Rowan

Phineas Oakley

Phineas Huckleberry

what do you think? Thanks 🙂

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