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Name for today- Caroline

Origin of the name Caroline:

A feminine form of the Latin Carolus, which is a cognate of Charles (full-grown, a man, a freeman). Var: Carey, Cari, Carri, Carrie, Kari, Karrie.

FromĀ A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman


  • #3 in Denmark
  • #63 in Norway
  • #94 in United States
  • #361 in Scotland
  • #366 in Canada (Quebec)

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Name for today- Linnea

Swedish. From the name of a flower, also known as the twinflower. It was named by the Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus, who named it after himself, it being his favourite flower (

Babynamewizard tells me it is #2 in Norway & #8 in Sweden.


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