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Name for today- 30 March

By beatbull


Camden is a boys name.

It is said cam din.

In Scottish gaelic it means from the winding valley.

English historian William Camden 1551-1623

The Camdens, a family in the television drama 7th Heaven that ran from 1996 to 2007.

Popularity:  BOYS

Variants/Nicknames: Kamdin, Kamdon, Kamdan, Camdin, Camdyn, Camdon, Kamdyn,Kamden, Camdan, Cam, Cami.

Comments on Camden:

This is NOT a girl’s name!! Yes it is… I Named my daughter Lara Camden!!!

Camden is a great name, very strong and boyish. A great alternative to the over popular Cameron. Don’t get me wrong, I like Cameron too.

— Anonymous User  4/26/2006

This my son’s name. I think of it as a boys name mostly but I also like it as a girls name, and I’m someone who usually hates boyish names on girls. He does get called Cameron a lot, mostly by older people but he has already learned to just ignore it and answer to Cameron anyway. My son is only four but he seems to like his name and so do most other people.

— Ursa_Minor 6/18/2007


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.

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Hubby is a registered teacher now! Yay

I hope to be soon too. Here is some names from the teachers regsiter. (some firsts, middles & combos)

Eyvin, Miguel, Laurie Paul, Columbus Lincoln (last name Abrams), Dewald, Dominic Carl, Dudley Edward, Korran Haydn, Bjorn Francis, Star Peter, Vivienne Travis Grey,

Rekha, Elisapeta, Mieke Anna Maria, Ximena, Penelope Frances, Camdon Marie, Genevieve Kate Elizabeth, Zalina, Gloreybel, Carlyn Daphne, Bianca, Alina Licia, Hazel Aroha, Meriana Robin, Fleur Madelaine,  Rosemary Elaine, Delia Constance, Kerralie Robynne, Adele Hazel, Clare Ellen, Donna Rau Aroha, Inda Ramona, Leitha Helen, Simona Carissa, Sharyn Flora, Lucy Isabella Janet, Rehana, Willow Georgette, Demelza Annie, Dina Wilhelmina, Francelle Jean,

Dip, Ipu, Neke, Achala, Nodira, Iese, Norlila,

Rau- means leaf

Aroha- means love

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