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NZ top 10 boys- instead of

Jack-  Bede, Bruno, Cabe, Cole, Evan, Moss, Nate, Rufus, Rex, Silas, Saul, York, Zeb & Zed.

James- Beckett, Conrad, Ewan, Elroy, Hugo, Roscoe, Harvey, Homer, Humphrey, Jago & Quentin.

William- Abraham, Ezra, Ephraim, Nicander, Willoughby, Oswald, Oxford, Quinlan, Rutherford, Cillian & Winston

Samuel- Arnold, Archibald, Lemuel, Ieke, Lazarus, Morrison, Moses, Mordecai, Samson & Solomon.

Joshua- Joel, Josiah, Jonah, Jedidiah, Roderick & Spencer.

Riley- Adam, Dexter, Dominic, Emmett, Emery, Remy, Fergus, Guy, Miles, Gatsby, Monty & Oakley.

Liam- Emerson, Elias, Grant, Gus, Abe, Bram, Theo, Sully, Ciaran & Ossian.

Benjamin- Ambrose, Arthur, Barnaby, Bartholomew, Hezekiah, Nazareth, Pascoe, Sullivan & Preston.

Daniel- Jehiel, Dalziel, Dashiell, Ezekiel, Washington, Raphael, Thaniel, Zaniel & Zachriel.

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Name for 2nd of September- Cabe

In English, the name Cabe means- derived from surname cable – ropemaker. The name Cabe orginated as an English name. The name Cabe is most often used as a boy name or male name.


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