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Frances middles (combos)

Thoughts? suggestions?

Frances Amelia Jane

Frances Annora

Frances Aurelia

Frances Araminta

Frances Bellamy

Frances Cecile

Frances Cordelia

Frances Eleanora

Frances Marigold

Frances Isobel

Frances Isolde

Frances Juniper

Frances Lily Katherine

Frances Zelda Rose

Frances Ophelie Pearl

Frances Adela Jane

Frances Pandora

Frances Cecily Anne

Frances Violet

Frances Ruby Harriet

Frances Lucy Ellen

Frances Paloma

Frances Caroline

Frances Lucille

Frances Ruby Rose

Frances Rosamund Alice

Frances Virginia

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Thora combos

I prefer Thea but I still like Thora, those damn “ora” endings get me everytime!

Thora Olympine

Thora Ivy

Thora Apolline

Thora Isolde

Thora Mathilde

Thora Lucy Josephine

Thora Anneliese

Thora Bellamy

Thora Caroline

Thora Evangeline

Thora Iseabail

Thora Lillian

Thora Ruby Elizabeth

Thora Sylvie Rose

Thora Winter Abigail

Thora Amabel

Thora Amandine

Thora Lileas

Thora Leatrice

Thora Rosemary

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Flora combos

Do you like any? suggest me some combos 🙂

Flora Emmeline

Flora Allison

Flora Bellamy

Flora Delphine

Flora Eibhlin

Flora Evanthe

Flora Evangeli

Flora February

Flora Gwendoline

Flora Gwyneth

Flora Georgette

Flora Iseabail

Flora Jillian

Flora Katherine

Flora Marisol

Flora Meredith

Flora Murielle

Flora Keren

Flora Magdalene

Flora Mathilde

Flora Esylt

Flora Rosemary Ellen

Flora Beatrice

Flora Lucienne

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Instead of NZ top ten (1-5)

Sophie– Sadie, Susannah, Soraya, Milena, Anne, Diana, Fiona, Phoebe,

Fifi, Solenne, Maeve, Zofiel.

Olivia– Olive, Olympia, Aurelia, Liviya, Lydia, Ottilie, Otylia, Ophelia,

Oralia, Indira, Ocean, Claudia, Orabel.

Ella- Ada, Eula, Arella, Eliana, Elle, Giselle, Eleora, Eleanora, Phila, Cleo,

Ailis, Ivah, Opal, Moselle, Adele, Orla, Astra, Aello.

Isabella- Isadora, Isis, Mehitabel, Antonia, Bellamy, Tallulah, Ellen,

Allegra, Nellie, Sybella, Isabeau, India, Ismay.

Charlotte- Tabitha, Beatrix, Augusta, Cecilia, Celeste, Audrey, Bathsheba,

Francesca, Gloria, Caroline, Katherine, Philippa, Margaret.

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Tatiana combos

Tatiana Ruby Alice/Katherine

Tatiana Agnes Rose

Tatiana Rose Meredith

Tatiana Beatrice Jane

Tatiana Ruby Juliet/Jane

Tatiana Poppy Rose

Tatiana Frances Jewel

Tatiana Ruby Seraphine/Violet

Tatiana Ruby Amelia

Tatiana Arabelle Rose

Tatiana Bellamy Rose

Tatiana Jillian Alice

Tatiana Roselil Catherine


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Luciana combos

Luciana Alice Jane/Maude

Luciana Ruby Cleo/Adele

Luciana Daisy Elle

Luciana Ruby Jane/Frances

Luciana Juliet Anne

Luciana Margaret Alice

Luciana Bellamy

Luciana Morgance

Luciana Allison

Luciana Cate

Luciana Elowen

Luciana Evangeli

Luciana Joy Winifred

Luciana Lily Jean

Luciana Ruby Beatrice/Wynne

Luciana Petal Jane

Luciana Beatrice Cate

Luciana Rose

Luciana Saffron Belle

Luciana Seren

Luciana Violet Wren

Luciana Muriel Cate

Luciana Mele

Luciana Coral Adele

Luciana Ciel

Luciana Beatrix Maude

Luciana Pearl Magdalene

Luciana Sylvie Maude

Luciana Elsie Thea

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Ella/Elle Names

Gosh theres a lot! I was just looking at the NZ Herald and the first four were

Gabriella Rose

Arabelle Kay

Bela Rose

Stella Charlie

NZ top 100 2008

Ella 3

Isabella 4

Stella 34

Bella 43 (Will rise due to Twilight)

Isabelle 45

Danielle 63

Gabriella 95

Other Elle names that may appeal

Belle, Elle, Ellen, Arabella, Christobel,Fenella, Prunella,

Angelle,Briallen, Michelle, Bellamy,Caelle, Franchelle,

Bellatrix, Bellana, Donelle, Bluebelle, Adelle, Della,

Francella, Fiorella, Gracielle, Sibella, Kytelle, Amorelle,

Anahella, Giselle, Willabelle, Urella, Sabrielle, Sadella,

Roselle, Raphaelle, Reuelle, Odelle, Orielle, Orella,

Orabella, Nellie, Eleanor, Noella, Nella, Mabel, Belinda,

Marielle, Louella, Joelle, Isakelle, Isolabella, Elizabella,


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Alice combos

Alice Willow Beatrice

Alice Honora, Alice Magnolia, Alice Marigold,

Alice Juniper, Alice Jemima, Alice Seraphine,

Alice Violet, Alice Cecile, Alice Maude,

Alice Rosamund Frances

Alice Bathsheba Jane

Alice Ruby Guinevere

Alice Magdalena Pearl

Alice Virginia Frances

Alice Beatrix, Alice Bellamy, Alice Clementina

Alice Fenella, Alice Gwyneth, Alice Heatherly,

Alice Juliet, Alice Bathilde, Alice Cordelia,

Alice Katherine, Alice Lucille, Alice Margaret,

Alice Poppy Jane

Alice Virginia Rose

Alice Victoria Belle

Alice Ruby Jessamine

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