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Telegraph April-July


Innes Arthur Ulysses

Thomas Ossian Patrick Wolfe

Rex William Tempest- Emilia, Kitty & Willow

Caspar William Barnaby

Rafe Patrick Moubray- Orlando & Zac

Felix Noah Samuel- Herbie & Rufus

Caspar & Felix

Cosmo Edward Stanley- Willoughby

Sebastian Joseph- Dominic & Oliver

Augustus Edward Livesay- Archie & Coco

Milo Sacha

Archie Jack & Jasper Oliver- Amelia

Rupert Edward– Toby, Theo & Henrietta



Theodora Sophia-Jacobi

Polly Elizabeth Wynn


Lara Beatrice & Florence Rose- Lucas

Lily Katherine Alice

Nancy-Beatrice & Florence

Francesca Ruby-Amelia

Iris Aminta-Eve

Gretel Isla Alice- Flynn & Wilbur

Alice Juliet Susan- Hattie

Paloma Alexandra- India & Cosima

Cecilia Teresa Catherine- Adelaida, Yolanda & Inez

Agatha Alice Isobel

Serenity Lilac- Ophelia & Peonie

Unity Bettina- Leo & Sammy

Alice Maude Helen

Willow Giselle- Zadie

Oonagh Frances- Phoebe

Lettie Ingrid

Katharine & Alexandra- Georgina + Charlotte


Barnaby Joel & Molly Bea- Albie

Viola Agnes Blue & Quincy Otis Aubrey- Arlo & Zubin

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The Herald

Jett Jack- Solomon & India

Marcus Andrew-Grace & Anthony

Hugo Robert- Thomas

George Augustus- Gerard

Tyler Kees- Drew

Joshua Daniel & Benjamin Thomas- Sam

Theo Mark- Lucas

William Heath- Christian

Mathias Ty

Harrison Charles Anthony- Mackenzie, Sebastian & CJ

Ezrah Jasper Kodah- Madison, Rainer, Talula & Keanu

Seren Mai Louise- Rhys

Poppy Mckenzie

Aria Marilyn Rose- Bryn & Kian

Lucy Caroline

Claudia Celeste

Genevieve Mary Zoe- Jack

Matilda Lorna- Penny

Suzannah June- Finlay, Hazel & Eleanor

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Name for 18th January- Gus

English,Scottish & Greek

Short form of AUGUSTUS or ANGUS

Diminutive of CONSTANTINE, used primarily by Greek expatriates(


Gender: M

Homey grandpa nickname name — which can work as a short form for any of the above or stand on its own — is a cutting-edge replacement for Max and Jake, chosen for her son by one of the Dixie Chicks.

Nicknames & Variations:
Gussie, Gus, Gussy

Known siblings for Gus:

Andrew Cormac EllaEstella Eva Evan FlorenceGillen Henry IsabellaJazlyn Jerry Jesse JohnKylie Leo Lina Luke MaxMorton Roslyn RuthSusanna Sylvie Theodore

Personal experiences with the name Gus:
Our son’s name is actually August, but we call him Gus. Everywhere I go-people stop me and say,”Did you just say Gus? OMG!!!! That is sooooo cute!!!!” We get it all the time. We know several little guys (5 and under) with the name. It must be another of those ‘old’ names that are making a comeback….

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My sister Erin’s favourites age 10

She choose these all by herself by going through an entire baby name book when I was home over Christmas.

Top 5 (in no order she told me)

1. Arabella & Benedict

2. Lillian & Mathias

3. Esmeralda & Felix

4. Willamina & Eugene

5. Henrietta & Barnaby

Others on her lists

Gabriel, Theodore, Horace, Maximilian, Julian, Pascal, Trevor, Wallace, Keith, Lawrence, Noel, Augustus, Robin, Seamus, Addison, Caspian, Darcy, Douglas, Fabian, Gilbert, Grant & Harry.

Jacqueline, Tabitha, Jacinda, Latisha, Madeline, Marrisa, Muriel, Sienna, Ursula, Vera, Wisteria, Abigail, Cecilia, Cynthia, Dorothy, Freda, Gina, Heather, Heidi, India, Iris, Paige, Petunia & Roxanne.

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Royal names

Princesses, The six daughters of George the 111.By Flora Fraser.

George 1 & Sophia Dorothea

George 11 & Queen Caroline

= Frederick Prince of Wales & Augusta Princess of Wales & Saxe-Gotha.

= Augusta 1737, George 111 1738, Henry 1745, William Henry 1743, Caroline Matilda 1751.

George 111 &  Queen Charlotte

=George 1v 1762, Frederick 1763, William 1v 1765, Charlotte Augusta Matilda 1766, Edward 1767, Augusta Sophia 1768, Elizabeth 1770, Ernest 1771, Augustus 1773, Adolphus 1774, Mary 1776, Octavius 1779, Alfred 1780, Amelia 1783, .

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and the boys

Ewan, Leif, Aurelius, Banjo, Cosimo, Milo, Rafferty, Ned, Leland, Bernie, Jonas, Rex, Ciaran, Abe, Cole, Cullen, Edward, Harvey, Henry,Hugh, Ira, Meyer, Otis, Oren, Roosevelt, Noah, Oscar, Elihu, Kofi, Tenzin, Asa, Isidro, Edme, Galileo, Alexander, Art, Elias, Ole, Otto, Rexford, Silas, Arlo, Bartholomew, Knox, Montgomery, Inis, Romney, Ryo, Bruno, Indigo, Jasper, Arno, Aries, Bram, Jay, Jonah, Leo, Oisin, Grover, Heath, Ivo, Ephraim, Arthur, Bart, Dexter, Elmer, Theodore, Oswald, Cassius, Ambrose, Elliot, Joel, Nilo, Felix, Emmitt, Julius, Baxter, Christian, Hector, Wallace, Abel, Thabo, Augustus, Abraham, Calvin, Chester, Franklin, Grover, Millard, Lyon, Russell, Rutherford, Tazewell, Caius, Cato, Iago, Orlando.

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Name for today- Augusta

Origin of the name Augusta:

Feminine form of the Latin Augustus, which is derived from augustus (great, venerable).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman

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