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Hot baby names 2019- New Zealand

Names to help your choose ūüôā

Notable New Zealanders 2018


Kristine Bartlett : Fought for pay equity for aged care workers and won!

Marlon Williams: Best solo artist and album of the year

Luke Willis Thompson: Won 30,000 photography prize


Thomasin Harcourt: Actress in “leave no trace.”

Pip Adam: NZ top literary prize for “The new animals.”

Zoi Sadowski- Synnott- Bronze medal snowboarding winter Olympics.



Honor lives lost in 2018


Stephen Hawking: Greatest mysteries of the cosmos

Milos Forman: director “one flew over the cuckoos nest.”

Otis Rush: Chicago blues gutarist

Stan Lee or Stanlee: Comic book dynamo

William Goldman: Screen writer, adapted fantasy novel “the princess bride.”


Goldie (see above)

Margot Kidder: Supermans Lois Lane

Aretha Franklin: Queen of soul

Audrey Geisel: Dr Seuss widow

Kofi Annan: Former UN Secretary general


Celebrity inspiration 2018


Ennis Howard

Santiago Enrique

Beckett Richard


Miles Theodore

Sebastian Piers


Forrest Bradley


Geo Grace

Vida Amber Betty

Monroe Sky

Minnie Theodora

Greta Lilia

Story Annabelle

Marvel Jane

Lulu Gray


Looking at NZ top 100, 2017


Theodore (fastest rising boy name)

Everett, Roosevelt, Hawthorne, Benedict/Bennett

Heathcliff, Edwin, Alvin & Floyd



Grady, Emery, Wesley, Remy, Dewey,

Darcy, Rudy, Huxley, Rhodri & Wiley.


Bodhi (NEW #77)

Daijo, Indra, Jihi, Jivan, Koan,

Loka, Zenji, Kiran, Ved & Akash.



Roscoe, Dexter, Tucker, Baxter, Samson,

Monty, Alfie, Murphy, Rufus & Gus.


Addison (re-enters #57)

Avery, Arden, Devon, Emerson,

Emery, Easton, Monroe & Murphy.


Sadie (+36)

Edie, Maidie, Bridie or Birdie,

Heidi & Zadie.



Vesper, Venus, Elara, Lyra,

Leda, Astra & Alya.


Phoebe & Frankie

Xanthe, Penelope, Seraphina,

Ramona, Romilly, Polly

& Phaedra.









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Name for today- 20th March


Ariel is both feminine and masculine.

It is said ah ree EHL.

It means lion of god in Hebrew.

Ariel in the bible was one of Ezra’s chief men.

It is the satellite of Uranus.

This name become common for girls after the movie by Disney ‚ÄúThe little mermaid.‚ÄĚ

Popularity:  BOYS #442 in Canada (Quebec), #570 in United States.

Variants/Nicknames: Arriel, Arie, Arial, Ariyel, Ari.

Comments on Ariel:

Traditionally Ariel is only used for boys. The female form would be Ariela.

—¬†Miss Claire 12/5/2004

I really like this name as a male name, too bad the little mermaid gave it a feminine connotation. Another cool fact is that you have a girl’s name with an anagram of Ariel: Leira.

—¬†Jeidy_mn 9/21/2006

This is one of my favourite names for a boy. I think it’s rather strong sounding, especially when you know the meaning.

— Anonymous User¬† 5/30/2007


The Best Baby Name Book by Louise Nicholson.

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The weekend press Christchurch February


Payton Isabell

Sylvie Beth- Blaise

Aaria Jasmine Ann

Ruby Paige- Xanthe & Sophie

Caitlyn Sylvie Anne

Xanthe Frances- Angus

Chessie Joan- Theo, Leila & Jonah

Zipporah Ariel Pearl Beauty Ever

Leila Therese- Hannah, Bede & Noah

Malia Beverley

Angel Leigh- Cru

Coco Gabriella- Sylvie & Jed

Isabella Bronte Inez

Lucy Pippa

Matilda Allie Ethne

Kate Sigourney

Sari Tamara- Sienna

Sally Victoria- Emily

India Kahlo

Marielle- Louis & Freddie

Addison Jillian

Libby Laurel Mary

Eva Mackenzie Aroha

Francine Susanna- Millie

Ephelia Hazel

Isla Mary- Noah & Scarlett


Fletcher Tom- Tallulah & Poppy

Jari Tomasi & Taj Barry

Gus Thomas- Harry

Micah Timothy- Ezra, Isaiah

Harrison Alexander- Sebastian & Corbin

Keevian Terence



Tuimanino John

Vann Thomas

Jim David- Ava & Grace

Maximilian Samuel William- Florence & Tallulah

Francis James- Ivy


Olive Jean

Winifred Margaret

Olive Harriett Joyce

Tui Gladys

Ellen Isobelle

Evelyn Susannah Elizabeth

Cora Ethel

June Olivia

Ina Emily

June Dorothea

Grandmother to- Pete, Jimmy, Pippy & Kit.

Great Grandad- Lily, Archie, Floyd & Estella

Bernadus Daaniel

Denzil Raymond

Aubrey William

Edward Fletcher

Leon Walter

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Christchurch St names (A)

Abbott (pl)

Acacia (ave)

Acheron (dr)

Aglaia (pl)

Akela (st)

Allison (pl)

Alma (pl)

Amoka (cres)

Amuri (st)

Annaby (dr)

Antonia (pl)

Aorangi (rd)

Aotea (tce)

Arahura (pl)

Arawa (st)

Arden (pl)

Ariel (pl)

Armilla (ln)

Arosa (pl)

Ashby (pl)

Aspen (pl)

Atlas (ln)

Atlee (cres)

Auburn (ave)

Aurora (st)

Autumn (pl)

Ava (pl)

Avery (pl)

Awaroa (ln)

Awatea (rd)

Aynsley (tce)

Azure (pl)

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New book I got today :)

What a gem!! Baby names for the 90’s- by Barbara Kay Turner.

Heres the list in the front.

Names to watch in the 90’s


Austin, Bryce, Caleb, Cameron, Cody,

Colby, Collin, Colton, Connor, Dakota,

Donovan, Ethan, Jordan, Kirk, Levi,

Logan, Lucas, Mason, Maxwell, Parker,

Riley, Skyler, Tanner, Taylor, Trent & Zachary.


Alexa, Ariel, Ashton, Autumn, Bianca,

Briana, Chelsey, Christa, Ciara, Emma,

Hannah, Hope, Jordan, Kara, Kasey,

Katelyn, Kaylee, Kelsey, Kirsten, Madison,

Miranda, Sasha, Sierra, Taylor, Tiara & Tonya.

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Odessa combos

Odessa Alice Mary

Odessa Lucille

Odessa Mary Rose

Odessa Ruby Frances

Odessa Rose Adele

Odessa Ruby Alice

Odessa Beatrice Jane

Odessa Ariel Jane

Odessa Autumn Rose

Odessa Bronte Jane

Odessa Brigid Rose

Odessa Ruby Selene

Odessa Dysis

Odessa Emrys

Odessa Hazel May

Odessa Juliet

Odessa Violet

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