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A names are amazing

At my work six children are girls named A…

 which is just under a quarter of our group, that got me thinking about A names.

Also my name is Anna and I think that its pretty awesome! 🙂

So I did some digging 🙂


A girls names in the NZ top 100 = 16/100 = 16%

Amelia #8

Ava #10

Abigail #32

Alexis #34

Alice #37

Aria #38

Annabelle #38

Addison #51

Aaliyah #52

Amber #70

Ashley #72

Alyssa #73

Ayla # 74

Anna #81

Amy #82

Alexandra #99


In the UK 10/100 = 10%

Including an A name at number #1!

Amelia #1

Ava #9

Alice #37

Abigail #38

Amy #51

Amber #52

Amelie #54

Anna #67

Annabelle #79

Aisha #95


In th USA 20/100 = 20%

Ava #5

Abigail #7

Addison #13

Avery #18

Aubrey #20

Alexis #26

Amelia #30

Alyssa #37

Anna #38

Allison #40

Ashley #42

Audrey #43

Aaliyah #46

Arianna #52

Alexa #55

Autumn #69

Alexandra #76

Andrea #81

Ariana #84

Aubree #99



My favourite A girls name :). In Norse it means divine strength/ divinely beautiful.



Less heard of than Anna and Annabelle with a more old fashioned feel. In Latin it means Honor.



A more fresh and spunky feel than Alexandra a variant meaning “defending men.”



With a nature feel for those of us looking to connect our child to the earth. It is both a tree in the Poplar family and a ski resort in Colorado.



Probably most famous for the singer, it is the feminine form of Alan meaning cheerful 🙂



With many cute nickname options including Minty. This name is of Greek origin and means “defender.”



This name is beautiful, with a similar feel to Madelyn and Evelyn it would not be out of place. Of French roots a cognate of Hazel.



Another Ann name this one from France. Often mispronounced but very pretty. Meaning “grace”.



A pretty elle name beginning with A :).  The French feminine form of Ariel.


What are your favourite A names?


Sources for meanings.

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Which Violet middles.

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Sibling for Willoughby

Alice, Arabella, Bedelia, Clementine, Clover, Cordelia, Daisy, Esme, Eleanor, Flora, Fern, Hazel, Hannah, Imogen, Ida, Iris, Josephine, Jemima, Juniper, Lucinda, Madeleine, Margaret, Nola, Olive, Poppy, Pippa, Polly, Penelope, Primrose, Rose, Sally, Stella, Shiloh, Matilda, Tallulah, Theodora, Thomasina, Violet, Zipporah, Amelia, Annora, Maude, Clara.

Arthur, Bertram, Bartholomew, Baxter, Bruno, Bramwell, Chester, Cassius, Cato, Dexter, Dominic, Emerson, Emmett, Elliot, Fergus, Felix, Gregor, Gulliver, Isidore, Jasper, Ned, Orlando, Quentin, Rupert, Rafferty, Samson, Toby, Thomas, Theodore.


Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Rose middles (Combos)

Rose Amelia, Rose Lucia, Rose Tallulah, Rose Anneliese, Rose Victoria,

Rose Branwen Alice, Rose Autumn Belle, Rose Ellen, Rose Antonia,

Rose Cateline, Rose Delphina, Rose Augusta, Rose Evanthe, Rose Electra,

Rose Nuala, Rose Otthild, Rose Soraya, Rose Tirzah, Rose Virginia,

Rose Winifred, Rose Annora, Rose Aveline, Rose Coralie, Rose Cordelia,

Rose Eleanora, Rose Leopoldine.

Thoughts? suggestions? 🙂 thanks for stopping by

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Name for today- Honora

Irish & English

Variant of HONORIA. It was brought to England and Ireland by the Normans. (Behindthename)

The Baby Name bible- Latin “woman of honor” variants: Annora, Honoria, Onora, Nora, Norah & Norina.

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Frances middles (combos)

Thoughts? suggestions?

Frances Amelia Jane

Frances Annora

Frances Aurelia

Frances Araminta

Frances Bellamy

Frances Cecile

Frances Cordelia

Frances Eleanora

Frances Marigold

Frances Isobel

Frances Isolde

Frances Juniper

Frances Lily Katherine

Frances Zelda Rose

Frances Ophelie Pearl

Frances Adela Jane

Frances Pandora

Frances Cecily Anne

Frances Violet

Frances Ruby Harriet

Frances Lucy Ellen

Frances Paloma

Frances Caroline

Frances Lucille

Frances Ruby Rose

Frances Rosamund Alice

Frances Virginia

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Behind the name personal top 10’s July

Most popular were

Norah/Nora (2), Lucie/Lucy (2), Charlotte (3), Beatrice (3),

Veronica (2), Iris (7), Rose (3), Alice (3), Indigo (2), Daphne (2)

Theodora (3), Fiona (3), Viviana (2), Cecily (2), Penelope (2)

Sarah (2), Tamsin (2), Violet (2), Hero (2), Aurora (2),Guinevere (2)

Annora (2), Esme (3), Willow (2), Alexandra (3),Lily (2), Grace (2),

Hope (2), Cecilia (2), Scarlett (2), Susannah (2), Ruby (2), Indira (2)

Anouk (2), Winifred (2), Agatha (2), Anna (3), Beatrix (2), Prudence (2)

Eve (2), Zipporah (2), Vivienne (2), Adelaide (2), Aurelia (2), Astrid (2)

Meredith (2), Lyra (2).

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Name for today- Annora

Hebrew- Grace (babie’s names, stuart wilson)

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Tabitha Combo’s

Tabitha Winter Pearl

Tabitha Ceridwen Blythe

Tabitha Garnet Ruth

Tabitha Jacinta Lucy

Tabitha Mathilde Anne

Tabitha Prudence Eve

Tabitha Annora Maude

Tabitha Edith Clover

Tabitha Ivy Karis

Tabitha Laurel

Tabitha Snow

Tabitha Agnella Fleur

Tabitha Fenella Alice

Tabitha Ruby Wynne

what do you think? thanks for stopping by 🙂

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