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Rose middles (Combos)

Rose Amelia, Rose Lucia, Rose Tallulah, Rose Anneliese, Rose Victoria,

Rose Branwen Alice, Rose Autumn Belle, Rose Ellen, Rose Antonia,

Rose Cateline, Rose Delphina, Rose Augusta, Rose Evanthe, Rose Electra,

Rose Nuala, Rose Otthild, Rose Soraya, Rose Tirzah, Rose Virginia,

Rose Winifred, Rose Annora, Rose Aveline, Rose Coralie, Rose Cordelia,

Rose Eleanora, Rose Leopoldine.

Thoughts? suggestions? 🙂 thanks for stopping by

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Thora combos

I prefer Thea but I still like Thora, those damn “ora” endings get me everytime!

Thora Olympine

Thora Ivy

Thora Apolline

Thora Isolde

Thora Mathilde

Thora Lucy Josephine

Thora Anneliese

Thora Bellamy

Thora Caroline

Thora Evangeline

Thora Iseabail

Thora Lillian

Thora Ruby Elizabeth

Thora Sylvie Rose

Thora Winter Abigail

Thora Amabel

Thora Amandine

Thora Lileas

Thora Leatrice

Thora Rosemary

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Baby name wizard

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Cleo combo’s

Had trouble, I started with Cleopatra but found it impossible to place with middle, if anyone can help that would be wonderful 🙂

Here’s the Cleo combo’s for scrutiny 🙂

Cleo Antonia Katherine

Cleo Aurelia

Cleo Daisy Jane

Cleo Evangeline Fleur

Cleo Electra May

Cleo Isolde

Cleo Julep

Cleo Louella

Cleo Lucille

Cleo Luna Poppy

Cleo Poppy Saffron

Cleo Penelope Alice

Cleo Raphaelle

Cleo Reumah Belle

Cleo Zipporah Frances

Cleo Anneliese

Cleo Evanthe Hazel

Cleo Ariadne Rose

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