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Name for today- March 17th


Amory is a boys name, it is Latin and German.

Its root is Amor thus it means loving person.

In German it mean industrious.

Amory was a hero from a F.Scott Fitzgerald novel.

Variants: Amati, Amery, Ames, Amias, Amice, Amiot, Amyas, Embry, Emory, Imray, Imrie,


The Best Baby Name Book by Louise Nicholson.

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New names!

Babie’s Names- Louise Nicholson.

Adelia, Adelina, Amarinda, Amorette, Andrina, Angharad, Ingaret, Flavia, Maxime, Vita, Wallis,

Aiken, Amery, Aneurin, Barnum, Brindley, Brutus, Caradoc, Colwyn, Duff, Forbes, Haddon, Hans, Hedley, Janus, Jocelin, Jolyon, Kelvin, Lambert, Melvin, Ogden, Painton, Stanhope, Thornton, Wystan.

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