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Name for 25th February- Adora


Adora is a girls name, it is English, French, Igbo, Spanish and Latin, it is said “A-dor-uh.”

It is a diminutive of Adoracion. In Spanish it means adoration, it contains the greek element doron (gift), in Latin it means much adored and in Igbo it means first daughter of the people and is derived from Adaora.

Variants: Adorabelle, Adoree, Adoria, Adorae, Adore.

Nicknames: Dora, Dori.

Famous People called Adora- Princess Adora popular 80’s cartoon character.

Place: Adora, Har Hebron is an Israeli Settlement.

Suggested names you may like: Isabel, Amada, Ignacia, Aurelia, Aloma & Alwin, Montana, Caden, Tonda, Aquila.


The Best Baby Name Book- Louise Nicholson.

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