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Name for 13th March


Alula is a girls name, its origins are Latin or Arabic.

In Latin it means ‘winged one,’ in Arabic it means ‘the first one/first leap.

Nicknames: Lu, Lula, Aly.

The alula is the freely moving first digit, a bird’s “thumb,” and is typically covered with three to five small feathers, with the exact number depending on the species. (Wikipedia)


The Best Baby Name Book by Louise Nicholson

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Name for 12th March


Althea is a girls name, its origins is Greek.

Its stem is althein which means healthy

Variants: Elthia, Elthea, Altheya, Althelia, Althiaa, Eltheya, Eltha, Althaia, Althia, Altha, Altheda.

Nicknames: Thea, Al, Aly.

Althea is a botanical genus, its plants include hollyhock and marsh mallow

In Greek myth she was the mother of Meleager

Comments about Althea:

It has a pretty sound. Ali could be a possible nickname.

— Bethany 12/17/2006

I’ve heard people with this name just called Thea for short.

— lowcal historyan 11/15/2007

A very pretty name, in my opinion. Old-fashioned and elegant, too. The nickname ‘Thea’ is nice as well.

— Anonymous User  3/14/2008


The Best Baby Name Book by Louise Nicholson

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