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Name for today- 14th March


Aiken is a boys name, it is Old English and means made of oak.

In Northern England the name can mean “little Adam.”

Variants: Aickin, Aikin.

Nicknames: Ken.


The Best Baby Name Book by Louise Nicholson

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New names!

Babie’s Names- Louise Nicholson.

Adelia, Adelina, Amarinda, Amorette, Andrina, Angharad, Ingaret, Flavia, Maxime, Vita, Wallis,

Aiken, Amery, Aneurin, Barnum, Brindley, Brutus, Caradoc, Colwyn, Duff, Forbes, Haddon, Hans, Hedley, Janus, Jocelin, Jolyon, Kelvin, Lambert, Melvin, Ogden, Painton, Stanhope, Thornton, Wystan.

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