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Name for 28 February- Aglaia


This is a girls name, it is from Greek Mythology, it is said “a-glay-a” or “a glie-a.”

It means “splendid,” “brilliant,” and “beauty.”

Aglaia is one of Three Graces the others are Eurynome and Thalia, they were nature goddesses who’s jobs included the rebirth of life in spring an ripening fruits.

Aglaia is a genus of tree’s they grow in tropical and subtropical places.


The Best Baby Name Book by Louise Nicholson.

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Christchurch St names (A)

Abbott (pl)

Acacia (ave)

Acheron (dr)

Aglaia (pl)

Akela (st)

Allison (pl)

Alma (pl)

Amoka (cres)

Amuri (st)

Annaby (dr)

Antonia (pl)

Aorangi (rd)

Aotea (tce)

Arahura (pl)

Arawa (st)

Arden (pl)

Ariel (pl)

Armilla (ln)

Arosa (pl)

Ashby (pl)

Aspen (pl)

Atlas (ln)

Atlee (cres)

Auburn (ave)

Aurora (st)

Autumn (pl)

Ava (pl)

Avery (pl)

Awaroa (ln)

Awatea (rd)

Aynsley (tce)

Azure (pl)

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