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Telegraph April-July


Innes Arthur Ulysses

Thomas Ossian Patrick Wolfe

Rex William Tempest- Emilia, Kitty & Willow

Caspar William Barnaby

Rafe Patrick Moubray- Orlando & Zac

Felix Noah Samuel- Herbie & Rufus

Caspar & Felix

Cosmo Edward Stanley- Willoughby

Sebastian Joseph- Dominic & Oliver

Augustus Edward Livesay- Archie & Coco

Milo Sacha

Archie Jack & Jasper Oliver- Amelia

Rupert Edward– Toby, Theo & Henrietta



Theodora Sophia-Jacobi

Polly Elizabeth Wynn


Lara Beatrice & Florence Rose- Lucas

Lily Katherine Alice

Nancy-Beatrice & Florence

Francesca Ruby-Amelia

Iris Aminta-Eve

Gretel Isla Alice- Flynn & Wilbur

Alice Juliet Susan- Hattie

Paloma Alexandra- India & Cosima

Cecilia Teresa Catherine- Adelaida, Yolanda & Inez

Agatha Alice Isobel

Serenity Lilac- Ophelia & Peonie

Unity Bettina- Leo & Sammy

Alice Maude Helen

Willow Giselle- Zadie

Oonagh Frances- Phoebe

Lettie Ingrid

Katharine & Alexandra- Georgina + Charlotte


Barnaby Joel & Molly Bea- Albie

Viola Agnes Blue & Quincy Otis Aubrey- Arlo & Zubin

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Willow will she blow far and wide…


With Pink announcing the birth of her daughter Willow Sage Hart, will there be a rush of baby Willow’s born in New Zealand?



Taken from the name of the tree which is derived from the Middle English wilwe (willow). Willow trees are noted for their flexibility and graceful appearance, hence the adjective willowy, which means “gracefully slender and lithe,” qualities seen as desirable feminine attributes.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.



Willa, Willia, Wilhelmina, Willamina, Willo, Wilma, Willona.



Willow entered the New Zealand top 100 for the first time in 2010, making spot  #83.

USA #290 for 2010, previous years, 313, 407, 429 & 524. Entered in 1998 at #853.



Here in a community I post  in is a Mother with a Willow – Her son is Jett and her daughter Willow Saige, another person commenting in the thread has chosen Willow for her unborn daughter several months ago.

Another forum I have recently started to visit, a poster asks about Sage for a boy and gets mixed reactions.

Willow is actually on my short list but I think its sure to rise status will deter us 🙂


Celebrity Willow’s include;

Willow Palin,

Willow Camille Reign Smith,

Willow Katherine White,

Willow Rose Owen,

Willow Lenora Herschenfeld,

And Sage

Sage Florence Galafassi

Sage Gold Marshall

Sage Ann Philips-Roberts (Twin Kellan Clay)

Sage Moonblood Stallone


Telegraph Willow’s

Willow Mia

Willow May

Willow Martha Phoenix (twin Thisbe Georgina Grace)

Willow Mary

Willow Annie Jessica

Willow Violet

Willow Muriel

Willow Agatha Rose

Willow Irene Laura

Willow Grace

Willow Matilda Ann

Willow Pamela

Willow Pandora Loveday

Willow Verder Georgina



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Scottish girls 2010

Agatha (2)

Aida (4)

Anwen (1)

Ariane (1)

Astrid (3)

August (1)

Beatrice (9)

Beatriz (1)

Bibi (1)

Bleu (1)

Calla (1)

Cassia (1)

Clover (1)

Coco (2)

Coletta (1)

Cora (15)

Daisy (122)

Dora (1)

Eala (1)

Echo (1)

Eira (1)

Elspeth (4)

Fay (3)

Fern (16)

Flora (12)

Florentina (1)

Floria (1)

Gala (1)

Georgette (1)

Greta (1)

Hattie (1)

Hebe (1)

Hetty (1)

Io (1)

Isadora (1)

Ishbel (2)

Isolde (2)

Jemima (3)

Joan (2)

Keala (1)

Kitty (7)

Lila (10)

Lilith (1)

Liv (1)

Lotte (4)

Lulu (2)

Maebh (1)

Marcella (1)

May (1)

Mella (1)

Mimi (1)

Naia (1)

Nala (1)

Nola (1)

Nuala (7)

Oona (1)

Orla (96)

Pearl (1)

Phebe (1)

Polly (3)

Rowan (39)

Saskia (4)

Shiloh (2)

Solana (1)

Tess (11)

Twinkle (1)

Valentina (4)

Willa (2)

Winnie (2)

Ziva (3)

Zobia (1)

Zora (1)

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Madeleine Clara (Edward & Joseph)

Beatrix Margaret St Miriam

Emily Alice Molly (Isabella)

Octavia Kimberley

Hebe Elizabeth Bridget (Eva)

Flora Amarita

Rose Violet Kathleen (Milly)

Freya Alice (Edward)

Soleil Evelyn

Isabella Harriet Stella (Maximilian & Rupert)

Agatha Rose (Scarlett & Tilly)

Coco Heather Kate (Willem & Xen)

India Louise Star (Wolf)

Flora & Olive (twins)

Mimi Christina (Hattie)

Poppy Annabelle Clare

Harriet Eliza Isobel (Thomas & Jonathan)

Isadora Annabel Rose (Eloise & Tabitha)


Tom William (Orla)

Max Thomas Idris ( Amalie)

Kea Dylan Peter

Jonah Michael Atticus Hayden

Theo Henry Paul ( Oscar & Amy)

Orlando John Frederick (Angelica)

Rupert James Walter (Felix)

James Francis Graham (Ella)

Edward Henry Tordiff (Hector)

Edward Valentino Norfolk ( Berenice &  Annuciata)

Francis Hadrien (Hugo)

Wylder James

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The big book of women saints by Sarah Gallick

There is some really cool saints names 🙂 If I time before the book goes back I will do some postings on individual ones 🙂

Genevieve, Elizabeth Ann, Raphaela, Genovea, Zdislava, Leonie, Marguerite, Ita, Roseline, Margaret, Eustochia, Agnes, Dwynwen, Verdiana, Eusebia, Bathildis, Hyacintha, Marcella, Brigid, Anna, Claudine, Maria, Agatha, Dorothy, Colette, Josephine, Apollonia, Scholastica, Jeanne, Catherine, Gertrude, Walburga, Paula, Anne, Katharine, Teresa, Felicity, Perpetua, Cunegunda, Frances, Fina, Matilda, Louise, Benedetta, Rafqa, Lucy, Gladys, Catalina, Crescentia, Julie, Mary, Gemma, Lydwina, Bernadette, Casilda, Fara, Zita, Gianna, Panacea, Wiborada, Maura, Rosa, Magdalene, Dymphna, Rita, Mariana, Ursula, Ubaldesca, Bona, Joan, Blandina, Clotilda, Melania, Florida, Germaine, Aleydis. (more to come)

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Behind the name personal top 10’s July

Most popular were

Norah/Nora (2), Lucie/Lucy (2), Charlotte (3), Beatrice (3),

Veronica (2), Iris (7), Rose (3), Alice (3), Indigo (2), Daphne (2)

Theodora (3), Fiona (3), Viviana (2), Cecily (2), Penelope (2)

Sarah (2), Tamsin (2), Violet (2), Hero (2), Aurora (2),Guinevere (2)

Annora (2), Esme (3), Willow (2), Alexandra (3),Lily (2), Grace (2),

Hope (2), Cecilia (2), Scarlett (2), Susannah (2), Ruby (2), Indira (2)

Anouk (2), Winifred (2), Agatha (2), Anna (3), Beatrix (2), Prudence (2)

Eve (2), Zipporah (2), Vivienne (2), Adelaide (2), Aurelia (2), Astrid (2)

Meredith (2), Lyra (2).

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