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Name for 23rd February- Adele a saint’s and a royal name, Adele has been in fashion limbo so long, it might be due for a comeback. Molly Ringwald chose it for one of her twins.

Nicknames & Variations: Edelle, Adile, Adell, Adelia, Adellah, Adelie, Adela, Adella, Adel, Adelle

Origin of the name Adele:

A name that originated as a shortened form of Adelheid and Adelaide (nobility) but is not bestowed as an independent given name. It was borne by the youngest daughter (c. 1062 – 1137) of William the Conqueror. Var: Adela.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman

Personal experiences with the name Adele: (
This is my daughter’s name and I LOVE it. Pretty but not weird or popular and hopefully won’t be popular.
My name is Adele. I’m 23, and I haven’t met too many other Adeles. When I was growing up, I wasn’t crazy about my name, but now I love it. It’s my mother’s middle name, which is nice. I think it’s pretty, unique, and I also hope there won’t be too many other Adeles!
I’m a 22yo Adele who goes by Addie 50% of the time as well. I had a great aunt Adele as well, and have always loved being uniquely named. 🙂 Too bad half the world never pronounces it right though! I’m sick of being called “A-deel-ee,” “A-deel” and other such names by people who can’t figure out the name. Haha!
I only know 2 Adele’s, one of which is my mom. No one can seem to spell it right…


Global Popularity

of the Name Adele (

#103 in Canada (Quebec)

#112 in Norway

#247 in Scotland

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The best baby names of the world- J.M Congemi


Archibald, Arlo, Arnold Bastien, Ballard,

Bruno, Emerson Emery, Emmett, Faber,

Ferdinand, Franz, Fremont, Harvey, Ivo,

Kaiser, Keifer, Leopold, Luther, Mattheu,

Milo, Orlando, Otto, Pepin, Rupert, Theodore,

Ada, Adelle, Anna, Aria, Cora, Dellana,

Elke, Elsbeth, Elsie, Emelie, Fernanda,

Galiena, Genevieve, Greta, Ida, Lottie,

Margaret, Matilda, Melia, Mina, Odile,

Otthild, Resi, Wilhelmina, Willa, Winifred,

Yesult, Zelda.

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Ella/Elle Names

Gosh theres a lot! I was just looking at the NZ Herald and the first four were

Gabriella Rose

Arabelle Kay

Bela Rose

Stella Charlie

NZ top 100 2008

Ella 3

Isabella 4

Stella 34

Bella 43 (Will rise due to Twilight)

Isabelle 45

Danielle 63

Gabriella 95

Other Elle names that may appeal

Belle, Elle, Ellen, Arabella, Christobel,Fenella, Prunella,

Angelle,Briallen, Michelle, Bellamy,Caelle, Franchelle,

Bellatrix, Bellana, Donelle, Bluebelle, Adelle, Della,

Francella, Fiorella, Gracielle, Sibella, Kytelle, Amorelle,

Anahella, Giselle, Willabelle, Urella, Sabrielle, Sadella,

Roselle, Raphaelle, Reuelle, Odelle, Orielle, Orella,

Orabella, Nellie, Eleanor, Noella, Nella, Mabel, Belinda,

Marielle, Louella, Joelle, Isakelle, Isolabella, Elizabella,


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Name for today-Adele

Origin of the name Adele:

A name that originated as a shortened form of Adelheid and Adelaide (nobility) but is not bestowed as an independent given name. It was borne by the youngest daughter (c. 1062 – 1137) of William the Conqueror. Var: Adela.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman

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Indira Combos

Indira Jewel (too jewel?)

Indira Alice Maude

Indira Brooke

Indira Cleo Jane

Indira Fleur/Fern

Indira Hazel Maeve

Indira Jessica Rose

Indira Juniper Pearl

Indira Jasmine May

Indira Jessamine

Indira Katherine Adelle

Indira Lucy Violet

Indira Lilac Maeve (too purple?)

Indira Morgance

Indira Nerys Grace

Indira Poppy Jane

Indira Beatrice Rowan

Indira Tallulah Rose

Indira Scarlett Eve (don’t normally like Scarlett)

Indira Ruby Seraphine/Alice

Indira Violet Jane

Indira Myst (perfume?)

Indira Saffron Adelle

Indira Sapphire (too jewel?)

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Lucinda Combos

Lucinda Abigail

Lucinda Ruby Alice

Lucinda Bridget Adelle

Lucinda Briar Ellen

Lucinda Cleo Adelle

Lucinda Caroline Maude

Lucinda Clover

Lucinda Cora Frances

Lucinda Dulcie May

Lucinda Daisy Jane

Lucinda Dinah Rose

Lucinda Flora Isobel

Lucinda Holly Peace

Lucinda Heather Anne

Lucinda Iris Fern

Lucinda Juliet Eve

Lucinda Jessamine Ruth

Lucinda Magdalene

Lucinda Margaret Jane

Lucinda Poppy Saffron

Lucinda Primrose

Lucinda Rosamund

Lucinda Summer Jean

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Ruby combos

Had lots of fun with Ruby 😉 need help narrowing the list

Ruby Aster (original)

Ruby Mildred Pearl

Ruby Wilhemina

Ruby Clementine June

Ruby Millicent Anne

Ruby Raven Primrose

Ruby Beatrice Margaret

Ruby Harriet (Lily?)

Ruby Charlotte Rose

Ruby Augusta Jane

Ruby Winter Blythe

Ruby Bathsheba

Ruby Caroline Mary

Ruby Calliope

Ruby Clover

Ruby Dinah Lucille

Ruby Demetria

Ruby Elisabeth Frances

Ruby Evangeline Sarah

Ruby Evanthe Violet

Ruby Esme Katherine

Ruby Jean

Ruby Emmeline Maude

Ruby Eleanor

Ruby Florence

Ruby Frances Jean

Ruby Genevieve

Ruby Greta

Ruby Gwendoline

Ruby Gwyenth

Ruby Hermione

Ruby Isolde

Ruby Juliet

Ruby Jemima

Ruby Jessamine

Ruby Lucinda Jane

Ruby Magdalene

Ruby Margaret Alice

Ruby Madeleine

Ruby Meredith

Ruby Ophelia Jane

Ruby Octavia

Ruby Tempest

Ruby Theodora

Ruby Ursuline

Ruby Valentina

Ruby Winifred Poppy

Ruby Hazel Adelle

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Millicent combos

Original- Millicent Roma

Millicent Isobel July

Millicent Lula Adelle

Millicent Hazel Linnea

Millicent Harriet Anne

Millicent Ivy Frances

Millicent Ruby Juliet

Millicent Jemima Ruth

Millicent Celia Rose

Millicent Evangeline Jane

Millicent Edith Poppy

Millicent Elisabeth Loiusa

Millicent Gwenna Alice

Millicent Margaret Jane

Millicent Hesper Lucy

Millicent Lillith Greta

Millicent Ursuline Pearl

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