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Name for 23rd February- Adele a saint’s and a royal name, Adele has been in fashion limbo so long, it might be due for a comeback. Molly Ringwald chose it for one of her twins.

Nicknames & Variations: Edelle, Adile, Adell, Adelia, Adellah, Adelie, Adela, Adella, Adel, Adelle

Origin of the name Adele:

A name that originated as a shortened form of Adelheid and Adelaide (nobility) but is not bestowed as an independent given name. It was borne by the youngest daughter (c. 1062 – 1137) of William the Conqueror. Var: Adela.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman

Personal experiences with the name Adele: (
This is my daughter’s name and I LOVE it. Pretty but not weird or popular and hopefully won’t be popular.
My name is Adele. I’m 23, and I haven’t met too many other Adeles. When I was growing up, I wasn’t crazy about my name, but now I love it. It’s my mother’s middle name, which is nice. I think it’s pretty, unique, and I also hope there won’t be too many other Adeles!
I’m a 22yo Adele who goes by Addie 50% of the time as well. I had a great aunt Adele as well, and have always loved being uniquely named. 🙂 Too bad half the world never pronounces it right though! I’m sick of being called “A-deel-ee,” “A-deel” and other such names by people who can’t figure out the name. Haha!
I only know 2 Adele’s, one of which is my mom. No one can seem to spell it right…


Global Popularity

of the Name Adele (

#103 in Canada (Quebec)

#112 in Norway

#247 in Scotland

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