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Clara middles (combos)

Clara Lillian Alice

Clara Autumn Belle

Clara Beatrix Jane

Clara Branwen Pip

Clara Belphoebe Rachel

Clara Bluebelle

Clara Emmeline

Clara Juliet Eve

Clara Lily June

Clara Daisy May

Clara Lucy Ellen/Edith

Clara Eveline Ruby

Clara Josephine

Clara Rosemund Lucille

Clara Harriet June

Clara Lucy Annabel

Clara Lily Alice

Clara Margaret Alice

Clara Violet Fleur

Clara Beatrice Adele

Clara Albertine

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Name for 23rd February- Adele a saint’s and a royal name, Adele has been in fashion limbo so long, it might be due for a comeback. Molly Ringwald chose it for one of her twins.

Nicknames & Variations: Edelle, Adile, Adell, Adelia, Adellah, Adelie, Adela, Adella, Adel, Adelle

Origin of the name Adele:

A name that originated as a shortened form of Adelheid and Adelaide (nobility) but is not bestowed as an independent given name. It was borne by the youngest daughter (c. 1062 – 1137) of William the Conqueror. Var: Adela.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman

Personal experiences with the name Adele: (
This is my daughter’s name and I LOVE it. Pretty but not weird or popular and hopefully won’t be popular.
My name is Adele. I’m 23, and I haven’t met too many other Adeles. When I was growing up, I wasn’t crazy about my name, but now I love it. It’s my mother’s middle name, which is nice. I think it’s pretty, unique, and I also hope there won’t be too many other Adeles!
I’m a 22yo Adele who goes by Addie 50% of the time as well. I had a great aunt Adele as well, and have always loved being uniquely named. 🙂 Too bad half the world never pronounces it right though! I’m sick of being called “A-deel-ee,” “A-deel” and other such names by people who can’t figure out the name. Haha!
I only know 2 Adele’s, one of which is my mom. No one can seem to spell it right…


Global Popularity

of the Name Adele (

#103 in Canada (Quebec)

#112 in Norway

#247 in Scotland

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Hazel middles (combos)

Hazel Amelie Beatrix

Hazel Camille

Hazel Lucy Ellen/Caroline

Hazel Ruby Seraphine

Hazel Amelia Jane

Hazel Cordelia

Hazel Greta Pearl

Hazel Alice Katherine

Hazel Ophelia Jane

Hazel Aurelia

Hazel Ada

Hazel Caroline Jane

Hazel Beatrice Amy

Hazel Eulalie

Hazel Annabel

Hazel Arianwen

Hazel Ruby Adele

Hazel Octavia Pearl

Hazel Alice Myrtle

Hazel Arabella Jane

Hazel Frances

Hazel Coraline

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Hubby is a registered teacher now! Yay

I hope to be soon too. Here is some names from the teachers regsiter. (some firsts, middles & combos)

Eyvin, Miguel, Laurie Paul, Columbus Lincoln (last name Abrams), Dewald, Dominic Carl, Dudley Edward, Korran Haydn, Bjorn Francis, Star Peter, Vivienne Travis Grey,

Rekha, Elisapeta, Mieke Anna Maria, Ximena, Penelope Frances, Camdon Marie, Genevieve Kate Elizabeth, Zalina, Gloreybel, Carlyn Daphne, Bianca, Alina Licia, Hazel Aroha, Meriana Robin, Fleur Madelaine,  Rosemary Elaine, Delia Constance, Kerralie Robynne, Adele Hazel, Clare Ellen, Donna Rau Aroha, Inda Ramona, Leitha Helen, Simona Carissa, Sharyn Flora, Lucy Isabella Janet, Rehana, Willow Georgette, Demelza Annie, Dina Wilhelmina, Francelle Jean,

Dip, Ipu, Neke, Achala, Nodira, Iese, Norlila,

Rau- means leaf

Aroha- means love

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Christchurch Press November BA’s & Deaths

Greta Alison (Lily)

Olive Audrey

Alex Chloe (Jack)

Bess (Ella)

Haidee Elaine & Alyssa Rose (Lucas)

Iris Vita (Harriet, Phoebe)

Vivien Rosemary (Lily)

Helena Antoinette

Lauren & Honor ( Lucia)

Olive Elizabeth (George)

Elsie-May Ellen (Bailey, Ephraim & Marita)

Polly Frances

Aurelia Grace (Isabelle)

Portia Alice

Neve Jennifer (Rylee, Fletcher)

Penny Mary (Hamish, Felicity)

Sacha Tui

Kahlan Lillias (Hayden)

Maggie Iris Rosa (Ruby)

Freyah Lily (Tahlia)

Sabrina Mary

Elsie Olivia (Joel)

Milla Juno (Bodie)

Maeve Ellen (Cormac)

Sidney (Lennox & Munro)

Hugo John

Jasper Stan (Jonty & Tilly)

George Banjo (Hugo)

Tahere Hunter

Albie Murphy

Jack & Keygan (Thomas)

Wilhelm David

Josiah James

Jag Archie

Edward Montgomery (Benji & Samuel)

Wilfred Otis (Theo)


Rosanna Jane, Adeline Anne, Sally Elizabeth, Grace Muriel, Margaret Winifred, Ruby Evelyn, Sylvia Winifred, Adele Mary, Violet Hope, Hazel Margaret, Beatrice Mary, Helen Adeline,

Hector Leslie, George Basil, Quentin Phillip, Henry Percival, Leo Charles, Archibald Ralph, Sydney Benjamin.

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Jessamine middles (combos)

Jessamine Ada

Jessamine Bella

Jessamine Cleo

Jessamine Neva

Jessamine Noella

Jessamine Olwen

Jessamine Pia

Jessamine Ruby Greta

Jessamine Lucy Violet

Jessamine Zella Katherine

Jessamine Dora Lucy

Jessamine Lucy Alice/Eve

Jessamine Lucy Helen

Jessamine Anna Margaret

Jessamine Ruby Adele

Jessamine Pandora Jane

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Should I add these to my favourites?

Adeline, Eleanor, Amelia, Theodora, Beatrix, Sidony, Madeleine, Clementine, Henrietta, Ione, Lila, Delphia, Adele, Adela, Dora, Vera, Evelyn, Greta, Ingrid, Fern, Opal, Finola, Olive, Lyra, Willa, Angeline, Petra, Mina, Pearl, Mehitabel, Ellen, Keisha, Thora, Lucinda, Ramona, Naomi, June, Sarai, Thea, Evanthia, Thomasina, Tilda, Mirabella, Iole.


What do you think of these? which do you like? dislike and why? which could you see on a child born in the next couple of years?

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