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Name for 19th February- Abra

Abra- “Mother of multitudes, mother of the earth,” personifying the eternal Mother of the cosmos. (The Best Baby Name Book by Louise Nicholson)

Gender: F
Origin: Hebrew, feminine variation of ABRAHAM
Meaning: “father of multitudes”
Soft, sensitive feminine form of Abraham that was the name of a soft, sensitive character in the John Steinbeck book and movie, “East of Eden.” In the bible, Abra was a favorie of King Solomon and it was a populr name in 17th century England.
Nicknames & Variations:
Abrienne, Abréa, Abrielle, Abarrane, Abryanna, Abrionée, Abreana, Abria, Abrieana, Abreia, Abriunna, Abriannah, Abame, Abriann, Abrienna, Abryann, Abrahana, Abryona, Abrietta, Abriéa, Abriah, Abrien, Abreeana, Abrianna, Abbryana, Abreanna, Abrion, Abrionne, Abri, Abreonia, Abrya, Abreona, Abbrienna, Abree, Abrianne, Abreanne, Abrea
International Variations:
Abriana (Italian)


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