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The NZ top 100 – over run with A names

A names!

What is it about them that make people love them so much?

Is it that they are the first letter in the alphabet? so therefore at the beginning of the baby name lists?

In the New Zealand top 100 there is currently;

15 girls and 14 boys names beginning with A.

Here they are.







Featuring in the Australian top 100 2014 =17



















Featuring in the USA top 100 2013 = 21























Which would you use? Which do you like?

Are you a parent of A- name children?/Do you have a name beginning with A?

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A names are amazing

At my work six children are girls named A…

 which is just under a quarter of our group, that got me thinking about A names.

Also my name is Anna and I think that its pretty awesome! ūüôā

So I did some digging ūüôā


A girls names in the NZ top 100 = 16/100 = 16%

Amelia #8

Ava #10

Abigail #32

Alexis #34

Alice #37

Aria #38

Annabelle #38

Addison #51

Aaliyah #52

Amber #70

Ashley #72

Alyssa #73

Ayla # 74

Anna #81

Amy #82

Alexandra #99


In the UK 10/100 = 10%

Including an A name at number #1!

Amelia #1

Ava #9

Alice #37

Abigail #38

Amy #51

Amber #52

Amelie #54

Anna #67

Annabelle #79

Aisha #95


In th USA 20/100 = 20%

Ava #5

Abigail #7

Addison #13

Avery #18

Aubrey #20

Alexis #26

Amelia #30

Alyssa #37

Anna #38

Allison #40

Ashley #42

Audrey #43

Aaliyah #46

Arianna #52

Alexa #55

Autumn #69

Alexandra #76

Andrea #81

Ariana #84

Aubree #99



My favourite A girls name :). In Norse it means divine strength/ divinely beautiful.



Less heard of than Anna and Annabelle with a more old fashioned feel. In Latin it means Honor.



A more fresh and spunky feel than Alexandra a variant meaning “defending men.”



With a nature feel for those of us looking to connect our child to the earth. It is both a tree in the Poplar family and a ski resort in Colorado.



Probably most famous for the singer, it is the feminine form of Alan meaning cheerful ūüôā



With many cute nickname options including Minty. This name is of Greek origin and means “defender.”



This name is beautiful, with a similar feel to Madelyn and Evelyn it would not be out of place. Of French roots a cognate of Hazel.



Another Ann name this one from France. Often mispronounced but very pretty. Meaning “grace”.



A pretty elle name beginning with A :).  The French feminine form of Ariel.


What are your favourite A names?


Sources for meanings.

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This weeks featured name from NZ TOP 100



In NZ 

Charlotte was #4 this year.

For the last eight years she has been placed in the top 10.

In 1999 when NZ stats were first collected she was #20.

She placed number One in 2006.


Internationally 2010

#20 in England & Wales

#23 in Scotland

#45 in USA

#69 in Ireland


 Christchurch Weekend Press

Charlotte Seraphine Veronica

Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Mae

Charlotte Emily

Charlotte Ruby

Charlotte Eve

Charlotte Imogen

Charlotte Eloise

Charlotte Lily

Charlotte Helen



Charlotte & Grace (twins)


Alexandria, Abigail, Madeleine, Lucy, Harriet,

Sophie, Julia, Amelia, Isabella, Georgie,

Felicity, Rose, Imogen, Greta, Phoebe & Eliza.


Oliver, Connor, Adam, George, Leo,

Nicholas, Monty, Samuel, Jack, Henry,

Oscar, Lewis, Lachlan, Liam, Benjamin,

Thomas, Alexander, Daniel, Blake & Logan.

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Classic NZ girls and boys (1999-2009)

This was done using the formula of Pam & Linda from nameberry, NZ name data is limited to 10 years where as the SSA shows 130 years + we only have access to the top 100 names! All these names have been in the top 100 for the past ten years.

Abigail Alexandra Alice Alyssa Amber Amelia Amy Anna Ashley Brooke Caitlin Charlotte Chloe Eden Elizabeth Ella Emily Emma Georgia Grace Hannah Hayley Holly Isabella Jade Jasmine Jessica Kate Katie Kayla Lauren Lily Lucy Maddison Madison Maia Mikayla Molly Olivia Paige Phoebe Rebecca Rose Ruby Samantha Sarah Sophia Sophie Tayla Taylor Zoe






Adam Aidan Alex  Alexander Andrew Angus Benjamin Blake Caleb Callum Christian Christopher Cody Connor Daniel David Dylan Elijah Ethan Finn Flynn George Hamish Harrison Harry Hayden Henry Hunter Isaac Jack Jackson Jacob James Jamie Jayden Jesse Joel John Jordan Joseph Joshua Lachlan Levi Liam Logan Luke Matthew Max Michael Nathan Nicholas Oliver Reuben Ryan Sam  Samuel Thomas Tyler William Xavier Zachary

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Featured name from the NZ top 100 (2009)


Sophie has been present in the top 100 since 1999 where she was sitting at number #9. In 2003 she dropped back to #6 then climbed to ¬†#3 in 2006, #2 in 2001 and lucky number #1 in 2008 & 2009. Will 2010 see her hit number one again or after a decade of sitting in the top ten will it slowly start to fall but still ¬†remain a classic NZ favourite like Olivia, Isabella, Emily, Emma and fish n chips….

Sophie is popular around the world too, New Zealand is not the only country you are bound to hear Sophie being called out in public places. It is number one in Ireland & Scotland too for 2009. It makes the top three in the Netherlands #2, England #3 in 2009. Sophie is #65 in the USA, it entered in 2000 #160 and has risen steadily, jumping from #122 in 2006 to #82 in 2007, in contrast Sophia is #4.

Sophie in NZ birth annoucements

Sophie Kate

Sophie Ella

Sophie Alice

Sophie Hazel

Sophie Anne

Sophie May Sara

Sophie Grace

Sophie Ellen

Sophie Joy

Sophie Antoinette

Siblings of Sophie

Arabella, Alyx, Amelia, Addison, Abigail,Archie,  Brooke, Baylea, Ben, Carter,Claudia, Charlotte, Cooper,  Caleb, Daniel, Dustin, Emma, Ella,Elliot  Grace, Jack, James, Joshua, Jed, Jessica, Jennifer-Rose, Lucas, Louise, Liam, Lucy, Max, Madeline, Michael, Matthew, Millie,Olivia,  Paige, Poppy,Peyton,Phoebe,  Ryan, Rebecca, Ruby,Sam, Simon,Thomas, Victoria, William, Xanthe.

Sophie Telegraph Births

Sophie Aliana Cerys

Sophie Georgia Anne

Sophie Alexandra Louise

Sophie Rosalie Joyce

Sophie Herina Mary

Sophie Beatrice Blanche

Sophie Florence Rose

Sophie D’or

Sophie Letitia

Sophie Jemima


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The Herald- Birth Annoucements


Thomas Rylan (Ella)

Troyden Cooper (Bentley/Rexton)

Hamish Jarvis

Jeremy Duncan

Ronen David Donald

Tom William (Ella & Jacob)

Blake Thomas

Edward John (Ivka & Madeline)

Frederick Alistair Michael (Clementine & Jemima)

Riley Jack & Flynn Patrick (sisters Kelly, Casey & Paige)

Kade Xavier (Bronte)

Riley Josiah Jed


Zara Tairawhiti Krista (Tyrone)

Sophie Beatrix (Isabelle)

Farrah Sian (Callum & Freddie)

Ruby Jane (Jonty & Olive)

Lucy Annabel

Grace Valerie (Connor)

Molly Violet (Grace)

Aurora Cerys (Tara, Marcus)

Violet Valentine

Ciara Sian

Juliette Alyssa

Cleo Eloise (Maya)

Clementine Donnison

Stella Lily & Evie Violet

Valentina Marie

Lexie Reece (Max & Neisha)

Madeleine Gwenna (Ethan)

Lillian May (Freja & Stella)

Alice Rose (Abigail, Max & Samuel)

Lonnae Jenna

Indy Blair

Esther Rose (James, Francis & Mia)

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Name for 22nd January- Ira

Biblical, English,Hebrew: Means “watchful” in Hebrew. In the¬†Old Testament this was the name of King David’s priest. As an English Christian given name,¬†Ira began to be used after the¬†Protestant Reformation. In the 17th century the¬†Puritans brought it to America, where remained moderately common into the 20th century.(

Known siblings (

Abigail Aden Allen AmaliaAmelia Carrie Conner DanaDebra Dorothy Eli EmilyEvan Floyd Gail LauraLucy Mildred Noelle OliviaPamela Roberta RoscoeSara Shelley

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My sister Erin’s favourites age 10

She choose these all by herself by going through an entire baby name book when I was home over Christmas.

Top 5 (in no order she told me)

1. Arabella & Benedict

2. Lillian & Mathias

3. Esmeralda & Felix

4. Willamina & Eugene

5. Henrietta & Barnaby

Others on her lists

Gabriel, Theodore, Horace, Maximilian, Julian, Pascal, Trevor, Wallace, Keith, Lawrence, Noel, Augustus, Robin, Seamus, Addison, Caspian, Darcy, Douglas, Fabian, Gilbert, Grant & Harry.

Jacqueline, Tabitha, Jacinda, Latisha, Madeline, Marrisa, Muriel, Sienna, Ursula, Vera, Wisteria, Abigail, Cecilia, Cynthia, Dorothy, Freda, Gina, Heather, Heidi, India, Iris, Paige, Petunia & Roxanne.

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ivillage Dec 2008 Sugarbabies

Owen, Noah, Aaron, Rylen, Bruce, Holden, Parker, Matthew, Spencer, Dawson, Brandon, Trey, Tucker, Nathan, Kain, Jacob, Alexander, Collin, Benjamin, Nicholas, Austin, Joshua, Evan, Jack, Neco, Cooper, Elijah, Kyle, Oscar, Keegan, Malcolm, Mason, Bregan, Madden, Myles, Caeden, Brenden, Pryor, Maurice, Nicky.

Gabriella, Jillian, Lillian, Audrey, Ruby May, Erin, Bianca, Jade, Rylee, Aili, Trynity, Meghan, Olivia, Elise, Quinn, Ariana, Charlotte, Beatrix, Abigail, Layla, Kenley, Caoimhe, Cailyn, Ava, Carolina, Mia, Ailey, Alena.


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Bonds Baby Search Baby’s- Girls.


Kaia & Layla, Gaia & Evelyn, Elizabeth & Samantha, Beth & Amy, Edie & Beth.

Names with hyphens (boys in brackets)

Lola-Jean, Arden-Grace, Mia-Moana, Nola-Mae, Chlea-Jade, Janesta-Rose, Matilda-Rose, Abigail-Maree, (Dar-rel), (Cee-Jay), Marlee-Rose, Sophie-Lee, Danny-Jo, Tracey-Lee, Kobyn-Rayne, Indiana-Rose, Marie-Louise, Poppie-May, Bella-Tiarne, Miabella-Rose, Destiny-Pearl, Tiana-Jade, Danika-Leigh, Safahri-Jade, Taitum-Jaymz, Liliana-Jade, (De-yon) Summer’Jayne, Alexis-Grace, Payton’Lea, Shana-Lee, Tiana-Jae, Matildah-Rose, Ka’tia, Torrie-lee.


Belinda, Victoria, Adelaide, Amy, Bethany, Lauren, Eva, Kendall, Bridie, Gisele, Melanie, Erin, Yasmin, Clare, Natalie, Michelle, Faith, Rhianne, Ruby, Carissa, Jacinta, Keeley, Laura, Samara, Elle, Nina, Lola, Louise, Violet, Callista, Anastasia, Zoe, Carmen, Helen, Felicity, Melissa, Elena, Valentina, Freya, Delilah, Amelia, Isla, Julia, Cassandra, Imogen, April, Morgan, Lucia, Poppy, Tess, Winter, Angela, Molly, Jacqueline, Bonnie, Jade, Alice, Ebony, Rebecca, Aurora, Celine, Monique, Lisa, Madeline, Bronwyn, Lucinda, Willow, Carly, Daisy, Camille, Raffaella, Piper, Lara, Nadia, Angela, Lucy, Libby, Nikita, Thea, Chelsea, Cleo, Reese, Arianne, Catherine, Francesca, Toni, Ingrid, Katherine, Paula, Sabrina, Roxy, Bronte, Mariah, Sandy, Sasha, Dakota, Cara, Tiffany, Tyra, Holly, Miranda, Julie.

Shirley, Luella, Annie, Shirley, Marnie, Bessie, Amity, Lucille, Rosa, Lulu, Mimi, Reba, Elsie, Pearl, Iris, Rosetta, Olive, Tilly, Babette, Heidi, Yvette, Tabitha, Eloise, Hermione, Diana, Clementine, June, Beth, Josephine, Mina, Chrysanthe,Hazel,  Daphne, Mabel, Amaryllis, Georgie, Lillian, Dahlia, Teodora, Ivy, Esther, Arabella, Ida, Meg, Olive, Aubrey, Jane, Cynthia, Alison, Juliette, Mary, Allegra, Eleanor, Mariette, Evangeline, Klara/Clara, Kit ,Dina, Lolita, Olympia, Sally, Edith.

Coco, Quincy, Angel, Caprice, Jewel, Majenta, River, Jazz, Avalon, Cherish, Cairo, Rain, Winter, Shiloh, Harmony, Elodie, Saige, Lucky, Vienna, Paisley, Tigerlily, Maple, Indigo, Pyrate, Trinity, Tulip, Nevaeh, Porsha, Serenity, Hope, Kitty, Arden, Anakie, Pixie, Alaska, Demi, Ocean, Chardonnay, Patience, Melody,Nevada, Dusty, Harper, Modesty, Chevy.

Monieka, Nikkisha, Alyvia, Khloie, Sascha, Talieya, Illiana, Havania, Neva, Ashlan, Adahlia, Somma, Lyla, Cloe, Alecia, Eliesha, Addicyn, Cheyanne, Alexxa, Avah, Wynta, Aaleah, Aleksa, Marleya, Tessah, Chaylee, Jayde, Shae, Chelce, Natalee, Armahni, Scarlotte, Summah, Alaliela, Izabella, Serynnia, Shaela,  Nieve, Azaiyah, Ellenore, Shilah, Mychaela, Avaril, Sylvannah, Innika, Ayva, Rosemari,Jimima, Trelyse,

Ellia, Cianna, Jylea, Quaylah, Imara,Temika,Araya,Inara, Allyra, Aleka, Ashadiah, Arkie,  Zahni, Paea, Ecren, Ejren, Kokoda, Risha, Damara, Taniesse, Aashaylee, Daija, Delana, Folosade, Zoni, Oceah, Chimme, Zari, Irem, Ayansa, Janaiah, Alara, Shallyn, Tithi, Sharell, Shylynn, Tekeia, Tiese, Daisharn, Saybra, Sena, Nour, Mataya, Mohala,

Dempsey, Logan, Kirby, Blake, Emlyn, Kameron, Espen, Chandler, Eliette, Isaiah, Harvey, Shelby, Zia, Gabriel, Sidney, Jayden, Tully, Elliot,  Blaire, Darby, Finnlay,

Keali, Kiana, Kiahla, Kiyarah, Kaylia, Kalara, Khyaura, Kaitara, Kiyarah, Kirrali, Kyndra, Kadelle, Kiesha, Kyndral, Kymani, Keiley, Keana, Kiralee, Kasia.

Asta, Amika, Talya, Kaya, Shanti, Tahnee, Sakura, Aroha, Sachi, Priya, Sabra, Lia, Alessia, Aniela, Sora, Ximena, Donatella, Natalya, Halina, Athalia, Maja, Amani, Natassja, Aomi, Amal, Isha, Luciana, Quiana, Myfanwy, Zaira, Leda, Layal, Manaia, Mahina, Soleil, Solange, Jaya, Mahalia, Zavia, Azura, Seren,

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