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Ashburton Births May

Ruby Isla- Jack & Poppie

Thomas William- Harry & Emily

Luke Antoni

Lachlan Jake- Lucy

Riley James- Holly

Riley James- Abbey & Georgia

Amelia Cate- Anton

Danielle Lois- Maddi, Charlotte & Jack

Nyomi & Kara (twins) + Sekali

Cara Susan- Mae, Tom & Ruby

Margaret Rose (named by Dad)

Ava Jaimes

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Bonds Baby Search has lead me to conclude..

There is a overbundance of the following in Australia. 2008 Ranking McCrindle Research.

Grace (14), Coen, Jayden, Zoe (20), Isabelle, Sienna (10), Kai, Lachlan (3), Cooper (7), Ava (11), Jai, Abbey, Charlie, Zachary, Brock, Maya, Noah (10), Olivia(7) , Chloe (5), Taj, Cody, Jacob, Matilda, Riley (6), Taylah, Scarlett, Jackson,Ethan (9), Xavier, Angus, Caleb, Mia (3), Summer, William (4), Sky, Lily (9), Xander, Isla, Marli, Emily (2), Caitlin, Indiana, Charlotte (6), Layla, Logan, Nathan, Lola, Jack (1), Joshua (2), Addison, Archie, Maddison, Mason, Bailey.

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Cutsie names- NZ birth announcements

Taken from the Christchurch weekend press.

I have a feeling some of these won’t grow with the child well,

what do you think?

Kynzie, Evie, Felicity, Peri, Verity, Wendy,

Roxie, Abbey, Maggie, Nellie, Charlie, Ellie,

Rylee, Bonnie, Lottie, Sydney, Millie, Amy,

Poppy, Lucy, Xanthe, Zoe, Daisy, Kelly, Jodi,

Lily, Ashley, Katie, Emily, Ruby, Josie, Lexie,

Skye, Maisie, Kaci, Libby, Holly, Molly, Tilly.

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If you like Charlotte or diminutives

you may like

Abigail, Amelia, Madeleine,Emma,Kate,Harriet,

Sophie,Petrea, Julia,Emily, Georgia,Amy,Paige,


Eliza, Gemma or Reagan

Blake,William,Samuel,Harrison, Jack,Jonty,



Timothy,Ralph,George or Luke,

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