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Will Oliver reign in 2015

With the Top 100 baby names for New Zealand in 2015 set to be released any day its interesting to wonder who will take out the top spots.

I suspect that Oliver will retain #1 and that Charlotte will remain his Queen especially with the birth of the royal Princess but its hard to say with Olivia hot on her heels.

I predict small movements within the top 10 of either gender but no big movers and shakers. Especially with the boys I suspect Oliver, Jack and James will stay in their trifecta of classic cool.

According to the 100 year rule new entries from 2014 old fashioned gems such as Theo and sister Thea, Arthur, Lewis, Harriet and Evie (also Evelyn) will continue to rise.

Set to continue to head up will be Millie, Evelyn, Alice, Matilda, Theodore, Alexander and Jasper.

New entry possibilities include; Elsie, Greta, Polly, Willa  and brothers Alfred, Frederic (k), Hugh and Jude.

Will it be the fall of Madison, Summer, Brooklyn, Savannah and Kayla or perhaps Jayden, Tyler, Jordan and Ashton.

Say goodbye to Caitlin and farewell Jake?

What do you think? what are you predictions for New Zealand or your home country? I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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Christchurch (NZ) Press baby names first half of the year


William (5)

Jack (4)

Angus (3)

Charlie (3)

Oliver (3)

Samuel (3)

Christopher, Cooper, Fergus, Harry,

James, Max, Oscar, Ryan & Theodore (2)



Isla (4)

Annabelle (3)

Charlotte (3)

Sophie (3)

Chloe, Emma, Eva, Georgia, Hannah, Isabelle,

Mackenzie, Maia, Natalie, Rosa, Scarlett & Stella (2)


Its hard to know as many people don’t place birth announcements now if this is a good indication of popularity of names in Christchurch. But the following did feature in last years top 10 for boys and girls;

Charlotte, Isla and Sophie + Oliver, Jack, James and William.

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