Neve Te Aroha Adern Gayford

This morning we learnt the name of Jacinda Adern and Clarke Gayford’s beautiful daughter.

Neve is an anglicised version of the Irish Gaelic Niamh, meaning bright or radiant, in mythology she is the daughter of the Ocean god and one of the Queens of eternal youth. The anglicised versions are spelt Neave and Nieve. Jacinda said that she and Clarke chose this spelling as they both understood that it was hard having a name that was spelt differently. Neve is also a variant of Neva (Latin) and the meaning is snow, it also has the same meaning in Spanish and Portuguese.

Te Aroha means” The Love” in Te Reo Maori, to love, to feel concern or be compassionate and to empathise.It links Neve to her whakapapa as Jacinda grew up in the small rural Waikato town Te Aroha, it sits at the foot of the 952m mountain with the same name, which is the highest point in the Kaimai range. This was decided on quite early as a reflection of all the love the baby was shown before it arrived and the generosity of the names several iwi had gifted.

Famous Neve’s include Neve Campbell, Canadian Actress who most recently starred in Netflix series “House of Cards,” Neve McIntosh Scottish actress appeared in “Doctor Who” and Neve Glacier in Washington State.

Niamh has only featured in the top 100 once since 1954, it placed at #94 in 2000 with 49 girls bestowed.


Irish names placed in the top 100 in 2017 were

Girls; Riley #49, Quinn #59 and Keira #78.

Boys; Liam #12, Finn #29, Ryan #40, Riley #41, Aiden #52, Connor #54, Flynn #68 and Angus #89.

Other Irish names ripe for picking; Aoife, Breda, Caoimhe, Fenella, Fia, Nola, Orla & Tully.


Other Ev names in the top 100 2017

Evelyn #24

Eva #26

Evie #36

Other Ev names ripe for picking; Evangeline, Everly, Genevieve, Maeve, Neva.

Also similar sounding; Hebe and Sylvie.




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Jacinda & Clarke’s baby daughters name

Welcome to the world 🙂

So she’s here and the question a lot of us are pondering on is what will she be named?

Will the happy new parents choose a popular moniker, a family name, a kiwi inspired number or perhaps something a little more unusual and less common like their own?


Popular choices #1-10 in the NZ top ten 2017

Charlotte, Harper, Isla, Olivia, Ava,

                                                    Amelia, Mia, Mila, Sophie or Emily.


Less Common #90-100 in the NZ top 100 2017

Maya, Lola, Brooklyn, Sarah, Arabella (niece is Isabella so may be unlikely),

Skylar, Madeline, Faith, Holly or Clara.


Kiwi inspired 














Te Hana



My choices
























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NZ vs USA top 100



               Top ten

                   NZ        US

Charlotte  #1          #7

      Olivia  #4          #2

        Ava  #5           #3

          Amelia # 6        #8

          Mia  #7        #6


                   Not in US Top 100

      (NZ names for girls)

Georgia, Ivy, Indie, Matilda, Evie,

Thea, Zara, Ayla, Sienna, Paige,

Maddison, Millie, Poppy, Frankie,

Maia, Florence, Piper, Phoebe,

Eden, Freya, Olive, Lilly, Sadie,

Pippa, Aurora, Jasmine, Summer,

Charlie, Rose, Keira, Jessica, Lola,

Harriet, Molly, Heidi, Amaia, Nina,

Amber, Annabelle, Arabella, Faith

& Holly.


NZ should consider

El’s; Adeline, Elena, Gabriella & Eliana

V’s, Avery, Everly, Valentina, Nova & Vivian

E ending, Kennedy, Paisley, Kinsley & Serenity

A’s,  Aubrey, Audrey, Alexa, Ariana & Autumn

Also,  Lillian, Caroline, Cora & Lydia




Top Ten

NZ        US

Oliver  #1         #9

Noah    #3          #2

William  #4        #3

James    #6       #4

Mason #8        #7


Not in US Top 100

 (NZ names for boys)

Max, Charlie, Lachlan, Oscar,

Finn, Harrison, Harry, Blake,

Archie, Riley, Luca, Archer,

Hugo, Theo, Beau, Toby,

Felix, Harvey, Edward, Ryder,

Zachary, Braxton, Flynn, Leon,

Ashton, Arthur, Beauden, Bodhi,

Tyler, Patrick, Kingston, Reuben,

Phoenix, Angus, Louis, Jasper,

Nixon, Jake, Spencer, Jesse,

& Cohen


  NZ should consider

Surname, Easton, Nolan, Colton, Landon,

Greyson, Bryson, Jameson & Carson

Occupational, Parker & Sawyer

Biblical, Isaiah, Josiah, Jeremiah, Elias & Ezekiel.

O ending, Mateo, Santiago & Leonardo


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Theodore- the rising stars of New Zealand Top 100 baby names 2017 (Boys)



Oliver and Jack hold steady in first and second for the fifth year in a row!

George moves up five paces from #12 to enter the top 10, #7.

Arlo sneaks in at #10, with his first entry to the top 10, (+13)

William, Hunter, James and Lucas move up/down one place each.


Theodore makes the biggest gain up 27 places to #32.

Harvey up 23 along with new entry Bodhi who sits at #77.

Beauden continues up after entering last year at #95, now sits at #75.

Oscar is close behind gaining 19 spots.

Other notable movers all over ten places; Jordan, Caleb, Hudson, Beau, Zachary, Theo & Arthur.


Falling far is Matthew down 37, also down 30 spots is Tyler.

Roman (-27), Connor (-25), Ryan (-23) and Jasper (-23) plummet.

Down wards go; Quinn, Nathan, Jaxon, Angus, Blake and Brother Jake.


New to the top 100

Bodhi #77, Wyatt #93 and Spencer #98.

Returning are;

Reuben #87, First seen in 1982 and last seen in 2010

Owen #91, debuted in 1954 and #91 in 1960

Jesse #99, entered in 1988 #38, highest spot #18 in 1990 and in 2015 was #98

Cohen squeezes in at #100 its  second entry to top 100, previously #97 in 2014.


Ka kite;

Aaron, Alex, Fletcher, Harley, Micah, Quinn & Zion.


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Addison the rising stars of NZ top 100 baby names 2017 (Girls)



Charlotte reclaims her crown after two years. She was Queen in 2013 + 2014 also.

Harper is the runner-up, taking out second place her highest spot to date (#3 in 2015).

Isla, Amelia & Sophie retain #3, #6 and #9 respectively.

Mila enters the top ten, (+7) to #8 she bumps Emily to #10.

Ava is up from #10 to fifth place her highest placing in the top one hundred.


The biggest rising star is Addison re-entering at #57 up (+43). She was last seen in 2015 at #77 before falling off the list last year.

Sadie also re-enters at #64 (+36) appeared in 2014 and 2015.

Luna is NEW taking spot #74 (+26) along with royal Victoria also regaining 26 to #71

Frankie & Phoebe both jump 23 places.

Keira re-enters also #78 a 2015 returnee.

Unisex Charlie rising still up 20

Florence up 18.


Jessica loses the most plumetting 31

Holly falls 29

Amber drops 28 (after being the hottest girls name in 2016 up a mighty 33)

Closely followed by Sarah 26 and Nina 24

And slipping a dozen or more are Aaliyah,  Elizabeth, Harriet, Lilly, Lola, Maia, Quinn, Summer+ Violet.


Hello again old friends

Addison,Annabelle, Keira and Sadie (2015)

 Maya (2012)

Madeline (2009)

We welcome

Arabella, Amaia, Clara, Luna & Skylar. (Note all the strong “uh” endings)



Ariana, Billie*, Brooklyn*, Elsie, Esther*, Hayley*, Isabel*, Lucia*, Madeleine, Maria*& Taylor (seven of who only returned/entered in 2016 *)

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Amber & Arlo New Zealand’s hottest baby names, also joining us are Beauden, Micah and Billie (female).

So the 2016 top 100 baby names for New Zealand have been released

Oliver and Olivia remain the King and Queen!


Oliver has been king for the past four consecutive years.

Oliver, Jack and William like 2015 retain the trifecta.

There are four new entries to the top 10;

Leo up 15 to #9, Lucas up 8 to #8, Noah up four to #7 and

Max up three to take last spot.

The fastest rising boys name is Arlo up 36 places, closely followed by Austin up 35,

also re-enering is Jasper at #69 last seen in 2014.

Up 21 is Felix and Quinn moves up 20.

Jordan, Connor and Roman up 17, 16 and 15 respectively.

Braxton hicks down (sorry!) 36!

Flynn falls 18 and Brother Dylan plummets 15.

The j’s start to fall with Jayden losing 16, Jacob 15 and Joseph 14.

Also on the down is Zachary with 14 rungs.

The boys are typically more stable than the girls this year only seeing five new entries to the top 100.

 Beauden and Micah who have never featured before,

Leon and Zion last seen in 2012 and Jasper back from 2014.


Olivia and Charlotte remain in prime positions 1 & 2.

This is Olivia’ second year as ruler, she was also Queen in 2012.

Isla is up four places to take 3rd, Sophie is down five to #9 and Ava is up four and takes spot number 10 (last seen in 2013 at #8).

Isabella slips to 13th.

There is a lot of movement outside the top 20 names going up and names coming down…

Amber is the fastest rising girls name of 2016, up 33 spots, she is chased by Freya who gains a mighty 31.

Lola is not far behind moving up 26 places, Aaliyah 25, Alexis 23, Lilly and Maria (re-enters) and Aurora 20.

Lucia, Pippa and Taylor also re-enter the bottom of the top 100.

Sarah and Layla groove up 18, Matilda 17, Thea jumps 16, while Alice, Mackenzie, Nina and Violet all go up 14 a piece and not to be outdone are Harriet and Penelope up a inch over a dozen 13.

The biggest drops were the royalists Queen Victoria (-40) and Elizabeth (-35)

Followed by leaving Annabelle falling 28,  Unisex Charlie losing 26, Madeleine 25 and Rose 24.

Other blooms wilting include; Holly and Poppy 17.

Welcome back to Brooklyn, Hayley, Isabel and  Maria (2014), Esther,  Faith, Pippa and Taylor (2013), Blast from the past Heidi (last seen in 1986!) and to newbie Billie.

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Biggest girls names NZ since 1954- LISA!

Since NZ baby name data has recently been released back to 1954 I got a wondering what have been the biggest names ever. By this I mean the name that has been given to the most girls or boys in one year.

So here are the girls

1. Lisa 934 , in 1969

2. Susan 915, in 1958

3. Karen 862, in 1957

4. Sarah 791, in 1986

5. Christine 779, in 1954

6. Michelle 674, in 1969

7. Jessica 602, in 1990

8. Rachel 584, in 1971

9. Sandra 573, in 1963

10. Margaret 562, in 1954


The following have over 500+

Deborah 543, in 1961

Judith 531, in 1954

Rebecca 513, in 1977



Emma 495, in 1988

Joanne 494, in 1961

Nicola 492, 1975

Samantha 489, in 1990

Julie 480, in 1961

Angela 475, in 1975

Kelly 466, in 1977

Jennifer 460, in 1954

Tracey 457, in 1971

Tania 456, in 1968

Sharon 445, in 1963

Donna 440, in 1961

Kim 435, in 1968

Mary 423, in 1954

Linda 423, in 1959

Patricia 421, in 1955

Elizabeth 419, in 1954

Ella 418, in 2007

Wendy 411, in 1961

Robyn 407, in 1957


As the years have passed the diversity of names given has grown 2007 is the last recent year where more than 400 babies have been given one name- Ella 418. This means even if your child has a popular name for the year they were born in 2015- they will be one of 268 Olivia’s New Zealand wide compared to one of 934 Lisa’s born in 1969.

The next question naturally is to ask which is the most popular girls name in NZ since 1954 this is a equation that scares me a little!

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