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my favourite B names

Barnaby- I love the sound of this name as it rolls off the tongue, I love the nickname Barney too ­čÖé Also a favourite NZ written picture book has a character Barnaby Bennett- I think its divine!

Beatrix- Bea & Trixie both cute nicknames. Could also see myself using it in the middle name slot. Always makes me think of Beatrix Potters magical little creatures :).

What are your favourite B names and why?

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The go

Name for today is now just called Names it will be updated when I can, I can’t do it every day so hence Names.

Featured Name will be posted every weekend.

Thanks for voting ­čÖé

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Name for today- 7th May


It’s ┬áNative American ┬ámeaning is “brave” and it is also a Croatian form of Matej or Matija.

The Best Baby Name Book by Louise Nicholson &

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Name for today- 6th May


It is said Loo see oh.

It is an Italian form of Lucius.

Lucius means light it comes from the latin word lux.

Lucius is a Roman title.

Variants/Nicknames: Lucian, Lucaster, Luke, Lu, Lux, Luca, Lukash, Lucas, Lucifer,

Other Italian male names (Wikipedia)

Alessandro, Amadeo, Arlo, Bernardo, Cosimo, Dino, Emilio, Fabio, Guido, Ivo, Jacopo, Leonardo, Marcello, Ottavio, Paolo, Renato, Salvatore, Valentino.


Baby Names by checkerbooks

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Name for today- 5th May


It is said LOO-is.

In Old High German its meaning is famous warrior.

It is a English form of the French Louis.

It began its life in Germany in the form Hludwig.

C.S Lewis- wrote the chronicles of Narnia.

Lewis Carroll was the creator of Alice in Wonderland, Alice through the looking glass and what Alice found there.

Popularity: #2 in Scotland.

Variants/Nicknames: Louis, Luis, Lewes, Aloysius, Alois, Aloys, Loyce, Louie, Lou, Lewie, Lew, Lu, Lukin, Luigi, Luiz, Lajos, Ludwig, Ludi.

Comments on Lewis:

Lewis is a very beautiful name and I think it also sounds royal. It is a name I would give my son. It is also the name of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s great-grandfather and is also the middle name of several of her relatives.

— Anonymous User┬á 1/4/2007

I love this name. I prefer this spelling of Lewis to Louis. But I quite like both. I prefer Lewis as a middle name because I think that it makes many names in a name combo flow well.

—┬áEgYpTiAn PrInCeSs 7/14/2007

Lewis in my opinion is the sexiest and handsomest name in the whole wide world ever.

—┬áBonVoyage 11/18/2009


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.

Baby Names by checkerbooks.

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Name for today 4th May


Lev is a boys name.

It is said LYEF.

Its Russian meaning is Lion and in Hebrew it means heart.

It was Leo Tolstoys given name.

Variants/Nicknames: Levander, Levi, Levant, Levy, Liev, Lyev, Leon.


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.

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Name for 3rd of May


In Old English it means from Law’s town.

It comes from two old words “hlaw,” which means a low hill or mound and “tun,” a fenced enclosure or settlement.

Source- Baby Names by Checkerbooks

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