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Theodore- the rising stars of New Zealand Top 100 baby names 2017 (Boys)



Oliver and Jack hold steady in first and second for the fifth year in a row!

George moves up five paces from #12 to enter the top 10, #7.

Arlo sneaks in at #10, with his first entry to the top 10, (+13)

William, Hunter, James and Lucas move up/down one place each.


Theodore makes the biggest gain up 27 places to #32.

Harvey up 23 along with new entry Bodhi who sits at #77.

Beauden continues up after entering last year at #95, now sits at #75.

Oscar is close behind gaining 19 spots.

Other notable movers all over ten places; Jordan, Caleb, Hudson, Beau, Zachary, Theo & Arthur.


Falling far is Matthew down 37, also down 30 spots is Tyler.

Roman (-27), Connor (-25), Ryan (-23) and Jasper (-23) plummet.

Down wards go; Quinn, Nathan, Jaxon, Angus, Blake and Brother Jake.


New to the top 100

Bodhi #77, Wyatt #93 and Spencer #98.

Returning are;

Reuben #87, First seen in 1982 and last seen in 2010

Owen #91, debuted in 1954 and #91 in 1960

Jesse #99, entered in 1988 #38, highest spot #18 in 1990 and in 2015 was #98

Cohen squeezes in at #100 its  second entry to top 100, previously #97 in 2014.


Ka kite;

Aaron, Alex, Fletcher, Harley, Micah, Quinn & Zion.



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Christchurch, New Zealand, baby names from The Press 2015

Top names boys and girls as follows


Sophie (7)

Charlotte & Isla (5)

Emma & Isabelle (4)


James (7)

Angus, Charlie,

Jack & William (5)


One of a kind


Adele, Annika,


Camilla, Claudia & Clover

Elsie & Evelyn

Flora, Florence & Francesca

Georgie, Goldie & Greta

Harriet, Hebe & Henrietta


Jane, Juliette

Kate & Kezia


Madeline, Margot, Marie & Meadow

Pippa, Polly


Sophia &  Sylvia



Archie, Arlen & Arthur

Barnaby, Benjamin & Boston

Casey, Clark & Connor


Edmund, Emerson, Enzo & Eoin

Felix, Fintan & Freddy



Jed & Joe







Rhodes, Roscoe & Rupert


Theo & Toby


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The new sons- New Zealand baby name trends

Old sons

Jason (1999-2004)

Harrison (#42) &  Jackson (#43) in 1999

 Mason (2000)  and still making the list in 2013.


Newer sons

Tyson (2010-2013)


On trend (spotted in CHCH press)









Hot for the taking



Emerson (considered unisex)










Which ones do you like?

Would you consider using a son name?

What about using son on the end of your husbands or Dad’s/Grandfather’s name?

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my favourite B names

Barnaby- I love the sound of this name as it rolls off the tongue, I love the nickname Barney too 🙂 Also a favourite NZ written picture book has a character Barnaby Bennett- I think its divine!

Beatrix- Bea & Trixie both cute nicknames. Could also see myself using it in the middle name slot. Always makes me think of Beatrix Potters magical little creatures :).

What are your favourite B names and why?

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One of a kind- BA’s from Christchurch Weekend Press 2012


Albie, Alfie, Arlo, Arthur & Ash

Barnaby, Blake & Bruno

Callum, Cass, Conrad & Cormac

Dash, Deacon & Dylan

Eli & Ezra

Fergus, Finnian & Fraser



Jasper, Jimmy, Jock & Jonty

Kawariki, Keegan & Kobe

Leon, Logan & Luke

Mac, Mateo, Miles & Morgan

Nate, Ned & Nico

Orlando & Oscar



Rhys, Rory & Ruari

Scott & Sean

Tadhg, Taine, Tiakingahere & Tom


Zac, Zade & Zak





Alexia, Autumn & Avelina

Bellamy, Beth & Bridie

Carys & Claire


Elsie, Esther & Evie

Flora, Francesca & Freida

Genevieve & Gretal

Hollie & Honor

Imogen, India & Isabel


Katherine & Keira

Lila, Louisa & Lulu

Mae, Mathilda & Mila

Nina & Nuria



Saskia, Sofia & Summer

Tessa & Tilly


Zarlee & Zia

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Z names that are fun to say :)

I love boys names beginning with Z! Here are a few of my favourites.

Zappa– another musican inspired anthroponym. Frank Vincent Zappa  composed a variety of musical genre works along with directing feature length films and music videos and designing album covers

Zedekiah- From biblical beginnings meaning “The lord is just” in Hebrew. In the Old Testament the last king of Judah. Nickname possibilities of both Zed and Zeke.

Zelig- Yiddish, form of Selig meaning happy and blessed also a  mockumentary written and directed by Woody Allen. Your dictionary defines it as ”….  an ordinary person who can change themselves to imitate anyone they are near”

Zephyr- From the Greek Zephyrus who was a Anemoi, a  god of the west wind.  The gentlest wind and the messenger of spring.

Zeppelin– Is a type of airship the man who invented it was Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin a German.  Led Zeppelin were an English rock band consisting of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham.

Ziggy- Ziggy Stardust is a song by David Bowie it is of German origin and means victorious peace. Also reminds me of a zigzag!

Zinc– a metallic compound, short and spunky!

Zocalo– is the square in the heart of Mexico city, a gathering place since Aztec times.

Zodiac– is a celestial coordinate system which was first used in the Roman era, its name comes from the Greek ”zoidiakos kuklos” meaning circle of animals. These days the zodiac is more  known for the 12 horoscopes; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Aquarius and Pisces but these are used to track the suns path across the sky and the path of the moon and plants along the ecliptic. 

Zowie-  Greek meaning life, traditionally used as a girls name- but I think a boy could pull it off just as well 🙂

Zurlo- A last name with Italian and Greek roots ” crazy and enthusiastic”  a  similar feel to Arlo.




60,0001 + baby names by Diane Stafford

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Undiscovered gems- the outliers outside the USA top 1000

Here are the names given to five boys USA wide


Alexius- Form of the Greek Alexios- given to  five Byzantine emperors. Another way to get to Alex.

Arne- Both a German diminutive of Arnold and Old Norse nickname for names containing the element arn which means eagel.

Bart– a nickname for Bartholomew which means “son of the earth”, if you can get past Bart Simpson this one could be for you.

Claudius– From a Roman family name ultimately from the Latin Claudus which has the unfortunate translation of lame.

Costello- Elvis Costello is a famous English singer-song writter, with its jaunty o ending it could catch on.

Ezri- Hebrew a variant of Ezer and Ezra, meaning strong/helper.

Fabiano- Romantic sounding form of Fabianus.

Frazier-  With surname flair like his brother Fraser this Scottish boy is ripe for the picking.

Gregor- With its strong r ending this would fit right in alongside Hunter, Carter and Ryder- a German, Scottish, Slovak and Slovene form of the more dated Gregory.

Iggy- I think Iggy is super cool – it means “fiery” in Latin.

Isidore- Greek god Isis is where this name stems from, another undiscovered I name.

Kauri- A New Zealand native tree and a snail too.

Kestrel- The name for the bird of prey.

Malloy- a jaunty Irish Surname for someone looking for something fresher than Finn!

Mercury- an element, a god and the name of the first planet perhaps fitting for a first son- also in memory of Freddie Mercury.

Moss- Connect your child to the natural world with this medieval form of Moses.

Orlan- an English, German and Spanish name- also a shortened form of Orlando.

Rutherford-  Surname of NZ father of  nuclear physics.









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