Alfie, Archie, Freddie, Frankie, Teddy & Albie- E ending names for boys.

So in the UK & Wales they are keen on nicknames for boys.

There top 100 features 13 compared to NZ and AUS four (Charlie, Archie, Harry & Eli) and the USA has only one Eli #58.

UK & Wales

#3 Harry

#10 Charlie

#15 Alfie

#16 Archie

#18 Freddie

#39 Teddy

#45 Reggie

#50 Tommy

#52 Albie

#62 Frankie

#66 Ronnie

#73 Bobby

#96 Ollie


Timeline in UK & Wales

   1994  Jamie, Harry, Charlie, Billy & Danny.

1997 Alfie

2000 Archie

2004 Freddie

2010 Bobby

2011 Tommy, Ollie & Frankie

2013 Teddy & Ronnie

2015 Reggie

2016 Albie


Others to consider 

Arnie, Artie, Augie, Barney, Bernie,

Bertie, Eddie, Ernie, Ferdie, Herbie,

Hermie, Howie, Immy, Iggy, Jonty,

Laurie, Lemmie, Lenny, Manny, Monte,

Morty, Obie, Odie, Ozzie,

 Raffy, Rolly, Rudy, Solly, Sully,

Thady, Wally, Wilfie, Woody.




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