Addison the rising stars of NZ top 100 baby names 2017 (Girls)



Charlotte reclaims her crown after two years. She was Queen in 2013 + 2014 also.

Harper is the runner-up, taking out second place her highest spot to date (#3 in 2015).

Isla, Amelia & Sophie retain #3, #6 and #9 respectively.

Mila enters the top ten, (+7) to #8 she bumps Emily to #10.

Ava is up from #10 to fifth place her highest placing in the top one hundred.


The biggest rising star is Addison re-entering at #57 up (+43). She was last seen in 2015 at #77 before falling off the list last year.

Sadie also re-enters at #64 (+36) appeared in 2014 and 2015.

Luna is NEW taking spot #74 (+26) along with royal Victoria also regaining 26 to #71

Frankie & Phoebe both jump 23 places.

Keira re-enters also #78 a 2015 returnee.

Unisex Charlie rising still up 20

Florence up 18.


Jessica loses the most plumetting 31

Holly falls 29

Amber drops 28 (after being the hottest girls name in 2016 up a mighty 33)

Closely followed by Sarah 26 and Nina 24

And slipping a dozen or more are Aaliyah,  Elizabeth, Harriet, Lilly, Lola, Maia, Quinn, Summer+ Violet.


Hello again old friends

Addison,Annabelle, Keira and Sadie (2015)

 Maya (2012)

Madeline (2009)

We welcome

Arabella, Amaia, Clara, Luna & Skylar. (Note all the strong “uh” endings)



Ariana, Billie*, Brooklyn*, Elsie, Esther*, Hayley*, Isabel*, Lucia*, Madeleine, Maria*& Taylor (seven of who only returned/entered in 2016 *)

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