Christchurch (NZ) Press baby names first half of the year


William (5)

Jack (4)

Angus (3)

Charlie (3)

Oliver (3)

Samuel (3)

Christopher, Cooper, Fergus, Harry,

James, Max, Oscar, Ryan & Theodore (2)



Isla (4)

Annabelle (3)

Charlotte (3)

Sophie (3)

Chloe, Emma, Eva, Georgia, Hannah, Isabelle,

Mackenzie, Maia, Natalie, Rosa, Scarlett & Stella (2)


Its hard to know as many people don’t place birth announcements now if this is a good indication of popularity of names in Christchurch. But the following did feature in last years top 10 for boys and girls;

Charlotte, Isla and Sophie + Oliver, Jack, James and William.

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