My favourite names starting with C

I find C difficult. But here are the two I like the most.

Casper- despite the ghost association (Caspar) which the spelling deflects a little… I really love this name, I like that it has a similar feel to Jasper, the sharp r ending along with the softer Cass at the start.

Clove– theres something cute and spunky about Clove, shes less frills and fresher than botanical Clover theres something fresh and exciting about her.

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    Sophia said,

    I love Cassius and Clementine. A lot. Clementine is a longstanding favourite that I think will definitely be in my future daughter’s name somewhere. Beautiful “revived vintage” feel, quirky pop culture connotations (Eternal Sunshine), cute nickname opportunities (Clem, Minty, Tiny). Cassius sounds strong and bold, and I always love a -us ending. Cassian is lovely too, I think.
    Also loving Clio, Clover, Callista, Calypso, Carolina, Constance, Celeste, Cosima, Coco, and a kind of strange GP is Cygnet… maybe in the middle haha

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I have grown to love Clementine more lately too, I read a book recently another main character is Aries which is cool for a girl 🙂
      Cassius always makes me think of the boxer! I love the “Eternal Sunshine” also love Olive- from “Little Miss Sunshine”
      Cygnet that is so unusual but kinda cool at the same time.
      I dig Callista, Clio & Cosima too!

  2. 3

    Casper is adorable … I love Cressida, Clover, Cordelia, Cora, and Clea as a change from Cleo. For boys, my favourite is Conrad.

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