my favourite B names

Barnaby- I love the sound of this name as it rolls off the tongue, I love the nickname Barney too 🙂 Also a favourite NZ written picture book has a character Barnaby Bennett- I think its divine!

Beatrix- Bea & Trixie both cute nicknames. Could also see myself using it in the middle name slot. Always makes me think of Beatrix Potters magical little creatures :).

What are your favourite B names and why?

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    Eva said,

    Ha! Beatrix is my favorite B name as well! And it’s the only B name on my (huge) name list, can you imagine that!

  2. 3

    I love Barnaby! My favorite B name for a boy, though, is Benedict. Barnaby is second 🙂

  3. 5

    Sophia said,

    For boys my favourite is Brahms. I love the musical connotations and gentle sound, and for some reason I have a bit of a “thing” for one syllable surnames that end in S used as first names. I’m not sure why.
    For girls, as much as I love Beatrix and Beatrice, my new favourite is Boheme nn Bo. I heard it first at Girl’s Gone Child (Bec has Archer, Fable and twins Boheme “Bo” and Reverie “Revi”) and although I always liked it, I have only in the last week or so begun to ADORE it 🙂
    Some other favourites are Billie, Bodhi (g), Belle, Brooks, Bastian, Bellamy, Bailey, Bunny, Bettina and Banjo.

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      babynamelover said,

      Brahms is cool, quite last name ish though….I love boys names that end in S.
      Boheme- how do you say this? Bo is not my thing- I don’t know why, maybe its too cutsey for me 🙂
      You have lots of B favourites!

      • 7

        Sophia said,

        Bo-EM. Like the opera, La Boheme. I’ve been back and forth on Bo in the past but at the moment I just think it’s super sweet in its simplicity.

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