Letting your child name themselves?

Interesting concept, one I’ve never really considered until reading “Looking for Alaska,” by John Green (amazing book too!)

Alaska the main character names herself at seven years of age after her parents disagreed on what to call her- up until that point she had been known as “Mary”. How she chose her name was fascinating she chose the biggest country that was the furtherst away from her. (All fictional of course!).

What do you think? Do you think you would be able to allow your child the responsibility of naming themselves?

Perhaps you let your older child name their sibling?

Would love to hear any experiences 🙂 especially if you got to name yourself!

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    If I’d named myself at seven, my name would be Linda Juicyfruit – I’m pretty glad that didn’t happen, all things considered. 😉

    I named my younger brother Edward, after Winnie-the-Pooh, which was my favourite book at the age of three. (Edward is Winnie-the-Pooh’s real name).

    Weirdly enough, it was our youngest brother who ended up with the nickname Bear, which has nothing to do with his name. Edward is just Eddie!

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    Sophia said,

    I think I’d be too precious about my baby’s name to let anyone, even my own family, have the final say. I’ve loved names for way too long to give up the right to decide my child’s name, haha.

  3. 6

    jiinxsay said,

    Yes, & it WAS thee most satisfying thing, getting to choose what my 6 children would be called. I named well. Now it’s MY turn, been wanting to legally change my name for 30 yrs. have the paperwork, but Boston court rules are tightwad to say the least. Allowing 16 characters for; 1st, middle, last….NOT enough! I have fam members to honor. I am going to “go against the grain” & throw myself upon the judge’s mercy & remind him/her about, “The Pursuit of Happiness” RIGHTTTT??? That’s about the only thing I can do. Plus I can tell them that if 16 characters is “all the computers can handle” then they can d@mn well FIX or CHANGE the computer program.
    Someone in Iceland is fighting for her daughter’s right to choose her name, that was enough to inspire ME to do the same. I WILL fight it, the only difference is, the Icelandic girl is 15 & healthy whereas I am older, and on oxygen, who knows?? maybe that’ll help my cause….NEV thought of “using” a disability to Gain something, that just seems WRONG….on EVERY level….& yet I just may do it in this situation. Well, everyone say a prayer, or whatever you do to help the stars align for this, as it is sooo much more important than I have even shared. Thank you ❤

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