My favourite names starting with A :)

Astrid: I love this name, especially because of this character

August: my favourite boys name beginning with A, closely followed by Arlo & Ariki. I love that its a month name, and its a month leading into spring! I love that you can use the nickname Gus! 🙂

What are your favourite names beginning with A and why? 🙂

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    Eva said,

    I love A names!

    For boys, Abel, Asher, Atlas (of course) and August or Augustus too. But in other places in the world, August is the month before autumn. Just thought I’d point that out. : )I love fall, so that’s a good thing!

    So many favorites for girls. Alice, Agatha, Astrid too!, Aurelia, Avonlea, and Azalea.

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      babynamelover said,

      Thanks for sharing your fav a names 🙂 I too am fond of Alice 🙂 I love the new Alice in Wonderland movie!

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    Sophia said,

    My favourite girls names starting with A is probably Agnes… I like its vintage feel and gentle meaning.
    For boys I also love August, not only is it my birth month but it just feels like a very strong, “finished” name (I really like names that look well-rounded and even in letter dispersion if that makes sense, like Eloise or Violet).
    I also adore Argus, Arlo, Alba, Ava, Augustus, Allegra, Alice and Astala (b).

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