Undiscovered gems- the outliers outside the USA top 1000

Here are the names given to five boys USA wide


Alexius- Form of the Greek Alexios- given to  five Byzantine emperors. Another way to get to Alex.

Arne- Both a German diminutive of Arnold and Old Norse nickname for names containing the element arn which means eagel.

Bart– a nickname for Bartholomew which means “son of the earth”, if you can get past Bart Simpson this one could be for you.

Claudius– From a Roman family name ultimately from the Latin Claudus which has the unfortunate translation of lame.

Costello- Elvis Costello is a famous English singer-song writter, with its jaunty o ending it could catch on.

Ezri- Hebrew a variant of Ezer and Ezra, meaning strong/helper.

Fabiano- Romantic sounding form of Fabianus.

Frazier-  With surname flair like his brother Fraser this Scottish boy is ripe for the picking.

Gregor- With its strong r ending this would fit right in alongside Hunter, Carter and Ryder- a German, Scottish, Slovak and Slovene form of the more dated Gregory.

Iggy- I think Iggy is super cool – it means “fiery” in Latin.

Isidore- Greek god Isis is where this name stems from, another undiscovered I name.

Kauri- A New Zealand native tree and a snail too.

Kestrel- The name for the bird of prey.

Malloy- a jaunty Irish Surname for someone looking for something fresher than Finn!

Mercury- an element, a god and the name of the first planet perhaps fitting for a first son- also in memory of Freddie Mercury.

Moss- Connect your child to the natural world with this medieval form of Moses.

Orlan- an English, German and Spanish name- also a shortened form of Orlando.

Rutherford-  Surname of NZ father of  nuclear physics.














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