Undiscovered gems- the outliers outside the USA top 1000

Given to five children in the whole of America are the following.

Anthea: Greek meaning flower, blossom

Bette: English, a dim of Elizabeth

Cassiopeia: name of a Greek woman who became a constellation

Celie: French variation of Cecelia

Elke: Frisian dim of  Adelheid

Florentina: Feminine form of Florentinus

Hetty: British form of Henriette

Katrin: German, Swedish and Estonian short form of Katherine

Lallie: Dim of Lalage

Nera: Hebrew meaning candle light

Novia: Latin a newcomer and a Spanish sweetheart

Pascale: French form of Pascal

Season: Latin meaning time of sowing


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  1. 1

    Wow I’m surprised how rare Elke is in the US – here I seem to see it quite a bit!

    I like the name Pascale, and Florentina is pretty.

  2. 4

    LucyMarie said,

    Anthea: maybe if the nickname was Annie this could work

    Bette: this one is too 1950 housewife to me

    Cassiopeia: very cute and love the name Cassie.

    Celie: just adore this name

    Elke: not my style at all

    Florentina: this should be a name that is common, love it

    Hetty: not my style

    Katrin: nah too many other forms of this name

    Lallie: reminds me of Lassie

    Nera: nah, to much like the word

    Novia: this might grow me as a name

    Pascale: not my style

    Season: would really like to see this become more common

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