The hottest undiscovered boys names start with V

No V boy names grace the halls of the NZ top 100 2012, the same goes for Australia & England,

In the USA none feature in the 2011, top 100- although Vincent misses at #101.

Valentino- An Italian surname with Latin roots meaning strength and health- strong but with the quirky o ending and easy slip off the tongue nickname Tino- this one is waiting to be brushed off. (USA #761)

Van- in NZ a character in the much loved Outrageous fortune, a Dutch forename meaning “of or from” or used as a nickname for Ivan or Vance.  A short stand alone gem that would slip in with  Max, Leo, Eli, Zac and Nate. (USA #787)

Vaughn- Welsh meaning little. A similar feel to Cooper, Austin, Kingston and Lincoln.  (USA #903)

Vega- Arabic, could this name fit your brightest star? ”swooping eagle” is another plus.

Venn- a bit more unique meaning handsome/fair, with a slightly older feel but the double n like Finn, Flynn & Quinn.

Viggo- this name is of Scandinavian descent, it means war and is derived from Old Norse names containing the element Vig.

Vincent- Vince Vaughn anyone :), Widely used by the English, French, Dutch, Danish and Swedish- ultimately from Roman name Vincentius meaning “to conquer”.

Vito- “alive” in Latin last featured in the USA top 100 in 1986 at 1000.


Penguin book of baby names- David Pickering

SSA baby name stats

NZ top 100 stats 2004-2012

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