Across the ditch. comparing name data 2012

Baby name data released in Australia for 2012 shows  that…


Jack is the number one fave for both NZ and Australian parents naming sons.

The girls top 15 share all the same names except Isla & Emma (NZ) and Grace & Sienna (AUS)

Braxton launches into the NZ top 100 at #28 and at #41 in AUS. (interesting it hasn’t broken the USA top 100 yet)


Girls names appear in AUS top 100 (not NZ)

Amelie, Angelina,  Audrey, Caitlin, Chelsea, Claire,

Ebony,  Eloise, Eve, Gabriella,  Heidi, Imogen,

Indiana, Jade, Josephine, Lacey, Lara, Lillian,

Madeleine, Mariam,  Savannah, Skye,  Tahlia, Victoria,


Boys names appear in AUS top 100 (not NZ)

Ali, Andrew, Anthony, Archer, Bailey, Christian,

 Darcy, Declan, Gabriel,   Hamish,  Hudson, Jonathan,

Jesse,  Kai,  Mitchell, Muhammad,  Nicholas, Owen.


First & Last


AUS: 1. Jack  & 100. Muhammad

NZ: 1. Jack & 100. Nate



AUS 1. Charlotte & 100. Lillian

NZ 1. Olivia & 100. Kayla


*side note Australian name data analysis is awesome knocks NZ out of the water! Thanks 🙂

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    We must have posted at about the same time … nice to compare, and wow, Braxton is even more popular in New Zealand!

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