Three interesting names

In the local deaths; Naylor, Avena & Nyla.

Do any appeal to you?

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    Sophia said,

    I think I like Avena most. Some interesting names I heard at a festival over the weekend were Adair, Mimosa, Prow, Yarmini (like Harmony but with a Y) and Shafiya (all girls).

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    Sophia said,

    ALSO, here are some babies born recently to people I know:
    Poppi Louise (brother Lewis James)
    Tiarni Joy Grace (brothers Tyreece, Kody and Damon)
    Marcus Ettan (sisters Aanya and Laila)
    Addison Leah (sisters Ava May and Jaylah Sage)
    Aurora Teal (brother Ciaran)
    Haylee Kate (sister Kiara)

    And a friend of my mum’s is expecting a little sibling for her son Stanley, and the chosen names are Walter and Peggy, which I thought was pretty cute 🙂

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      babynamelover said,

      Poppi looks funny like this I prefer Poppy. Poppie looks even stranger! what do you think?
      I quite like Marcus 🙂 Aurora I have always been iffy about I don’t know why.
      I love Walter & Peggy with Stanley 🙂

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        Sophia said,

        I totally agree with you about Poppy/Poppi/Poppie. I like Poppy best by far. Also doubtful about Aurora, I think just because it’s such a mouthful. It feels clunky and ungraceful, but I really like the idea of it, and it actually has grown on me since I’ve gotten to know a friend’s baby girl with this name because she’s just the sweetest thing ever… normally gets nicknamed “Ror” 🙂 Btw another friend had her second son two days ago! Senan Cohen, brother to Cael Quinn. Also recently.. Aela Elizabeth-Jane, sister to Hunter John.

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