What would you name triplets?

A colleague had triplet boys earlier this year! What would you name triplets? What would you find easier to name? love to hear 🙂


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    Sophia said,

    Wren Carolina
    Alba Moon
    Ingrid Honey “Iggy”

    Lennon Arthur “Lenny”
    Jasper Ossian “Joss”
    Axel Emmett

    Btw, a few babies born recently to friends are:
    Augustus Benjamin
    Chase Carter
    Abigail Mai “Abbi”
    Miles Alexander
    Daniel Salvatore “Dan” (brother Ethan and Declan)
    Aurelia Mae
    Jackson Eli “Jacks/Jack”
    Aurora Nutmeg

    Can’t remember if I already told you some of those, but anyway there you go. Hope you and little Juno are well! 🙂

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      babynamelover said,

      Oh I really like your combos especially Ingrid Honey & Jasper Ossian! Seems like your style has changed?
      Aurora Nutmeg is very cute!

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    brooke said,

    Ooh triplets would be fun! Well, to name anyway…. actually having three babies at the same time would be way too hard!

    I’d definitely find girls easier. If I was going with matching letters I’d have Josephine, Jemima/Justine and Jessamine. Actually Jemima would win; otherwise the ends would be too matchy.

    Other theme possibility: Matariki, Pleiades, and Soraya (All the same constellation, in different languages)

    Otherwise: Claire Matilda/Matilda Claire, Sarah Temperance, and Ellen Josephine/Violet Mirabel/Mirabel Violet

    Boys: Nathaniel Darwin, Aubrey Theodore, and Linus Dafydd/Dafydd Linus.

    Wow that was harder than I thought – I haven’t combo’d in ages!

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