Christchurch Press Weekend Births- February- Lilabelle Te Aroha Violet


Joe Richard

Maxim Kiefer- Elise

George Justin Albie

Fletcher Jack- Samirah & Meila

Fletcher Mark- Constance


Joel Alex John

Oliver Jack- Finn & Ronan

James Xavier- Alexander

Baxter Charles- Toby & Oscar



 Aria Ellen

Annie Isabel- Cameron

Ava Nita- Thomas

Zara Azami- Julia, Monica & Kyra

Indeya Samantha- Brylee & Jasmine

Alice Grace- Emma

Elle Ruve- Sian

Lilabelle Te Aroha Violet- Charli-Rose

Beth Susan- Emily

Amiya Eloise

Cadie Lynnell

Esther Helena- Olive

Eden Bettina

Sylvia Bell- Leo

Mila Poppy- Gianna

Estella Margaret Rose

Edy Grace- Ella & Cooper

Grace Olive

Zoe Amelia- Finn


What’s your favourite?

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  1. 1

    brooke said,

    James Xavier is the best of the boys, although I don’t find it super-amazing. I do like Oliver, Finn, and Ronan as a sibset though.

    Esther Helena is my favourite of the girls, as long as it’s he-LAY-na (HEL-en-na would make it too repetitive). I like Aria Ellen a lot as well. Aria’s usually a bit ‘trendy’ for me but I feel like Ellen grounds it nicely.
    I quite like Eden Bettina as well. Not so much the names themselves, but the the way they sound together – the double ‘ee’ sound works well.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I did struggle to find amazing boys this month! I love Helena (he-LAY-na) be beautiful as Juno’s sister don’t you think? Aria is in the NZ top 100 I think? I like Ellen, although I am biased my Dad’s Allan and I love Ellen Pompeo. If we have a boy in the future he will be …. Allan Hamilton. Eden Bettina is pleasing 🙂 I agree. How are you?

  2. 3

    Some fantastically stylish names here! I love Lilabelle’s name, Elle Ruve and Eden Bettina. Maxim Kiefer is interesting.

    • 4

      babynamelover said,

      How do you say Ruve do you know? 🙂 must pop over to your blog when I get a chance 🙂 so busy so little time lol

      • 5

        I know how you feel; I seem to be overloaded with work this year – and of course you have a little something keeping you busy! 😉

        I’m not sure how you say it (ROOV?), but it’s Fijian for “dove”.

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